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Yet another TWW...

well we are 3dpiui (4th iui) and I'm trying to stay positive. This was our First cycle on meds so I'm hoping for good news...I'll be able to poas Easter Sunday That will be the official two weeks. My nurse told me that even if we do get a positive not to get too excited since the hcg could still be in my system. So that sucks - but at least they are open Easter Sunday:) 

trying notto think about it too much, have a lot going on with work so trying to keep my head down and keep busy. Still working on projects around the house. Redid a dresser for the nursery, made roman shades, not working on little crates for toys and books. Anything to keep me from not sitting and questioning everything. 

Anyways, GL to everyone!! Hoping for December babies xox

3rd ultrasound..ugh!

Well we had our third ultrasound this morning to measure the lovely little follicies that I have and they STILL aren't to the size that they want! I think my body hates me :) Soooo we are back to the doctor for another ultrasound Friday morning. They are growing but they aren't the size that they want them to be. I have one that is measuring 17mm and two that are at 12-13mm. Still not close to the 19mm measurments that we want, crossing my fingers for good news on Friday. 

Stillhopefull85 - you asked about the 50/100mg of clomid...I actually started on 150mg - this is my first time EVER trying fertility meds. I have a cycle that is like clockwork, I usually O (naturally) on CD17-18 and we use OPKs and call the doctor after our surge and then like clockwork AF will show CD30/31. But since I was told that we have to try naturally three times and we failed to get pregnant those three times, they put me on Clomid. In my mind I thought that it would work a lot faster then it is, but my fault for getting my hopes up I guess. So back to the doctor on Friday hoping for better results. 

GL to everyone!!! Bby dust to all




3rd Ultrasound tomorrow-hoping for good news?

Well, we did 5 days of 150mg of Clomid last week, had our second ultrasound on Sunday hoping that we would have been able to do the trigger shot Sunday night -- but my body had other plans. I was told that my follicies are only around 11mm big right now and they want them around 19mm, so we go back in tomorrow to see if they have grown to the size that they want.

I am thankful for not needing to take the clomid anymore but from what I've read it stays in your system for a VERY long time. And the emotions are running wild! I broke down and cried at Menards on Saturday because they didn't have the door that I wanted -- yeah crazy lady here. My husband is like 'it's just a door' and I'm crying saying 'I know it's just a door, I don't know why I'm so upset.' Needless to say it's be a bit of an emotional rollercoster :)

Anyways, if all goes well tomorrow then we can do the trigger shot tomorrow night and then back at the clinic on Friday for our 4th IUI. I tell ya all these appointments are starting to get old but I'm still 100% into trying. Oh and we have an appointment on Monday just to touch base with our specialist.

Oy! GL to all!

Clomid, clomid, clomid....oy!

So I'm not an emotional person at all, I don't like to show emotions I'd rather keep everything in. I HATE crying especially in front of now that we are on 150mgs of Clomid for the first time ever I am a complete mess! Watched a movie last night was balling, my DH came in and was completely freaked out as to why I was upset. I have no answers I just told him it was the drugs. 

Pharmacy just called and my trigger shot is in, hoping that we will be using that on Sunday after our next ultrasound appointment. So going to pick that up and then hide in my house for the night. :) 

Any one else have this happen with clomid? 

FINALLY: Fertility drugs

Called the doctor on Friday told him we had our third failed IUI and that I wanted to start fertility drugs. Our agreement was that we would try three cycles naturally with only OPKs and donor sperm and go from there. Well on Saturday I went in for a baseline ultrasound and tonight was my first dose of clomid we go back in on Sunday (3/15) for our next ultrasound and time our trigger shot. 

This happends very quickly, a lot faster than I thought. We ordered more sperm on Saturday and it will be at the clinic by 3/13. If we do the trigger shot on Sunday then I'll be headingn in two days later for another IUI. 

Crossing fingers that this time it works out for us. GL to everyone!! 

Third failed IUI

Happy 30th freak'n birthday to me....took a test this morning before my shower, checked it after my shouer = negative and not even 5 mins later AF decides to show up. I feel like that's what I get for getting my hopes up. 

Ugh, I pray for all of you that you get your BFP sooner rather than later! We all want to be mama's GL!

Feeling Optimistic...

So I am really trying to sit on my hands and not run out to the store and buy every brand of pee sticks out there! I am day 8piui and I just am really excited about this time around and I know my hopes are up too high but I'm ok with it right now. I told myself that I am not testing until Thursday (my 30th) and I took Friday off since we are going out celebrating, personally I'd like to be drinking a virgin martini vs the real deal, but if AF shows on schedule which will be Friday, then I will just be celebrating turning 30.

We have an appointment already set up for March 23 to talk about fertility drugs, not something that I want to go on since I've heard they can really mess with cycles and hormones. Since I'm like clockwork they are also concerned that if I go on the meds I can really mess up my cycle so I'd like to avoid that conversation all together and just call our specialist and let him know that we are pregnant. 

Usually right now my boobs hurt so bad that a bra hurts to wear, not having any of that - which I am VERY thankful for! Maybe it's a good sign maybe it's just a fluke who knows. Today is considered the ‘most common’ day for implantation to occur but I’m trying hard not to pay attention to anything like that. Just focusing on Thursday ---- seems so far away. But I have little projects to get me through the week so we will see. I really want to be able to hold off until Thursday, but as we all know the closer we are to the AF date the more we want to poas – we are all addicts here :)


Anyways, GL to everyone! Have a wonderful first week of March! 

Hello next TWW - I'm ready for ya....

Hello TCCers! I hope that everyone is having a good start of their week. My husband and I had our third IUI done on Sunday (2/22) and I'm only thinking positive this time. If you ever ask my husband to pick a number he will always say 36, for some reason it's 'his number' so I will take it as a good sign that we had 36.2mil sperm with our IUI. Now if you don't know they want at least 12mil viable sperm with each IUI, so to know that we have 3x that I'm happy about it (all it takes is one). It's our third IUI and people always say 'Third times a charm', and I will be able to test on my 30th birthday. This was also the first time that we prayed out loud after the procedure and it made everything feel peaceful. Don't get me wrong I have always prayed after each one but this time we prayed together and it was really great.

So I'm going to take these 'signs' as all positive signs and that I will have the best birthday ever - if not, I might not remember my 30th but there will always be pictures :)

Good luck to everyone!! We are hoping for a November baby!

Third times a charm?

Well, we just purchased more sperm...third IUI will be sometime next week. We kinda cut it short for the ordering window. Crossing my fingers that this one works, we will be able to do a hpt on my birthday. So I'm hoping to a happy 30th for me....if not we have a big party planned that night anyways :) no matter what it will be good. 

We were able to stay with our donor from last time, we really like him and would like this to work. Shopping online for this stuff is always interesting. I am glad that they have recorded interviews it's nice to hear what they sound like.

Anyways, GL to all! 

2nd Failed IUI

Ugh, I don't even know what to think right now