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Psycho Symptom Spotter....TMI

Ugh - what is wrong with me? I have NEVER put this much effort into symptom spotting before. So today I am 11dpiui and I had cramping yesterday and this morning woke up with brownish discharge only after I pee and it's been this way all day now, have a liner in just in case but nothing on it. Could we have implanted yesterday and that's why I had cramps, they were different cramps from AF, or were they...? Days 9/10dpiui would be when it could have possibly happened for implantation....could we really be lucky this month and finally get a positive test? AF should be here on Friday if we aren't, I just don't know what to think. I really hate getting my hopes up and then having them crushed month after month after month. 

On a positive note, or donor was sold out after we purchased his swimmers earlier this month. I checked today and he is back to 38 IUI vials! So I am VERY happy about that, we can use the same guy again if this doesn't work out. I really don't like 'shopping' for a new donor each time we do this. But we can't afford to buy in bulk and store either. 

Over thinking things I know and I know better than to get my hopes up, just wishful thinking on my part. 

GL to everyone! 

Ugh...POAS...I knew it

So I'm only 10dpiui and I know that it can still be too early to test, but what did I do this morning....I tourtured myself for the hell of it. BFN, which I knew it would be but I just needed to get it out of my system and not it's all I can think about. 

I tell ya, the things that we put ourselves through during this process. 

Earliest home pregnancy test...

Hey ladies - 

So I'm only 6dpiui and of course I'm wanting to poas badly, even though I know nothing will come out of it. Just really wanting this IUI to acctually work, it's getting expensive to keep doing this each month. Anyways wondering what is the earliest BFP that people have gotten...

I see a lot of 9dpo, but wondering if there is any that got a true positive earlier. 

Always an Auntie, Never a Mom

So I'm only 3dpiui and I wish it was next week already. I'm not a  crazy symptom spotter, mainly because I don't like getting my hopes up and then having them fall apart each month. We are on cycle 16, second IUI, male factor infertility, we are on our second doner as well (first one was a failed IUI and he sold out). Just looked up the new guy and he is now sold out as well. I can't bring myself to purchas a ton of sperm and then pay to have it stored. Ugh some days this just sucks. 

Anyways, trying to keep myself busy and my mind of baby crap but it's easier said than done. My sis-in-law just had her second, so I'm not an auntie of 11!!! I just have this "Always an Auntie, Never a Mom" playing over and over in my mind.

O-well, I hope everyone else is doing well and keeping busy. TTC is a pain in the ass :) 

Holy crap....2nd IUI TODAY

So I feaked out a little bit this morning, I had a really strong line on my OPK yesterday but still looked like there was room for improvement so I didn't call the clinic yesterday. I took my test today and sure enough I had my surge yesterday....called the clinic today to see how soon I can get in for our IUI. 1:15pm today we will be having our 2nd IUI. Crossing my fingers as much as I can and praying that this time we are able to get pregnant. 

GL to everyone out there!


Don't over think it...yeah right

So I am doing my best to not over think this week! Towards the end of the week we will be going in for our second IUI and I am really trying to stay positive but also not get my hopes up too high. <-- very tired of being disapointed about not being pregnant. We've been doing this for over a year now and each month is not any easier. I just became an auntie agian this past weekend (number 11 for me) and I'm just feeling the whole "Always and Auntie, never a Mom" and I'd really like that to change. 

Been thinking about it so much and doing the calculations to see when maternity leave would be and things like that. Turns out if we were to get pregnant this round I could be home until January 2016, home for the holidays. Well that is if I could convince myself to take 12 weeks, I have a really hard time being away from my job -- I don't vacation well, but being with my own kid might change that. 

I just don't want to over think things or get my hopes up too high and have them crushed again -- it's a hard balance.

Here we go..Relaxed and Ready

So the past few cycles my wonderful husband and I have ignored all things TTC, since we know that we can't get pregnant without the help of doctors it's been great to just relax enjoy seeing everyone during the holidays and have a few drinks. We had a failed IUI end of November and we decided then that we just needed to take a step back and not put so much focus on everything. I am SUPER excited about this month, we had to find a new donor since the one we used in November is now sold out so we were able to be very picky in our next donor. We found one we like and ordered him up yesterday. 

I will peak around 1/22-1/24, so this month we will be ready without worry of the holidays getting in the way of clinic hours and we will be able to focus on what we need to do. I've never felt so calm and ok with all of this until this month. AF just ended for me yesterday so now it's a week of continuing to relax and we will start OPKs the following week.


Crossing my fingers that taking time off and just spending it not obsessing over TTC will do us some good. 

Failed IUI

Well our first IUI did not work :( AF showed up right on time. We are going to skip this month and try after Christmas, I seem to surge on days that they are closed. So looking at the new year for a new baby...hopefully. We also need to find a new donor, the one that we liked is now sold we are really at square one. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season though and that there are a LOT of BFP stories for the new year! 

6pdiui...too soon for symptons

So today I am 6 days past our IUI which was timed perfectly - but I woke up today with really sore boobs, now I think I'm driving myself nuts with symptom spotting. I don't usually become a psycho symptom spotter but this is the first real month for us and I don't want to miss anything.

Is it too soon for things like this, am I over thinking and wishing? Help :(

First time for everything

Today was our first natural IUI, I was told that from donors you are given about 20million and from the freezing and thawing you should get 10-12million viable  sperm. Well they didn't count out our donor and we got double the usual count...I was insiminated with 42million! Fingers crossed that one finds our egg. 

Two ow week wait begins today...