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HSG Test tomorrow - monday

so tomorrow is another big day for us. I have my HSG testing done and also start opks again this week. Our sperm we ordered is at the clinic ready for us when we go in the week of thanksgivin. Hoping tomorrow goes great!

Next 2 weeks are going to be BIG....

Well I haven't checked in with everyone in a while there has been a LOT going on with our RE and finding a donor. So....we had to have a psych eval before we could even start shopping for donors. Personally it was a total waste of $200 and an hour of our life, but oh well she said we were mentally stable and we know what we are getting into. So with that the search began. 

We went through - to find our donor. There is a local bank here in MN but they don't have a lot to choose from and we wanted to make sure that it was an 'open' donor, so when the kid is 18 they can register and see if they have any 1/2 siblings out there and if they want to meet the donor they are able to do so. We didn't want to make that decision for the child (that we don't have yet).

We are going to do natural cycles since I ovulate each month according to OPKs BUT Monday I am going in for an HSG test just to make sure. We did however need to order/ship our sperm so that will be at our clinic on Friday. I will start my OPK tests next Tuesday through a surge and call when it's positive and then go in for an IUI. We kinda think it's funny that we are having a 'turkey baster baby' the week of Thanksgiving :) hoping it's a positive sign. 


Fingers crossed that this will work this month we are so ready to a BFP! 

Donor we come!

So after our meeting on Monday we found out more issues with the my DH and we decided that we will be going with a donor. It's the craziest thing, you can pick everything you want in a person! IQ, attached/detached ear lobes, find out if they every had stitches and when and why, how many people in their family died of cancer, if they are positive for CMV or's nuts! 

I am negative for CMV so we need to find a donor who is also negative. It's a crazy world out there with what you can pick or not pick out in a donor. 

Next week we have to go in for a psych eval - personally I think that if we have to do this for a donor all people should have to go through this before getting pregnant. Once AF starts I get to call to set up my appointment for the ultrasound/xray die appointment to make sure my tubes and everything are in proper working order. We will be going the natural IUI route so using OPKs and praying I don't miss a surge day. It costs less and if I'm in good working order I'd rather not put drugs into my system. 

I'm still kinda shocked that if all goes well with this cycle, we can be pregnant by the beginning of November! Ahhhh - it's fianlly happening! 

Tomorrow is the day....

So tomorrow morning at 9:00am is our doctor appointment to figure out if we are going to go the IVF route or the donor and IUI.....not sure I'll be getting much sleep tonight. But I am really looking forward to getting a plan started and underway.

Here's to fingers crossed that and that we can start next cycle....

HUGE Thank you....

I just want to send a HUGE thank you and a hug to everyone on this site that has been supportive and kind with their comments. We are all going through this lovely adventure together, we are all taking different paths but similar paths and I just want to say thanks! It has helped me TONS with getting through the rocky crap that goes on during the 2ww or waiting period. Man this is an emotional ride and it's not easy for anyone.

So thanks to anyone and everyone on this site, we are here for each other to support and lift each other up in times of need and I am glad that I have this outlet.

Good luck to everyone and baby dust to all!

Well we got the news from the doctor....

So just a little bit ago I got of the phone with our fertility specialist...I was told that we can't concieve the normal way, or through an IUI...if we wanted a baby of our own we will have to go the IVF route which is a HUGE crazy cost or else we have to use a donor which I'm not sure how I feel about that. I want both our dna in our children I don't want some random person's dna. I know that sounds really bad, but I am sipnning right now from all the information, my huband feels like shit and I just don't know what to do now. 

My insurance isn't wonderful and will only cover part of fertility treatments but it's a lifetime deal, if I use all the insurance monies right now then we are out of luck for more children. Adoption costs a TON as well.

I don't get it, looking at the teenagers who are getting pregnant and not able to support their new baby or themselves makes me so mad. Then there are the responsible adults who have made a life for themselves are able to support a family and can't seem to be able to start sucks!

Sorry, just really pissed right now at the situation that we are in.

Another Dr. Appointment Tomorrow

So it's our anniversary weekend and we are actually going away. We have NEVER been away for more than a night since we started dating! We have 4 dogs and that makes it VERY hard to find people to dog sit :) Tomorrow hubby will be going in for his second SA test, per doctors orders he wants another test to make sure that the first one is an actual count. Since it was so low he wants to see if it stays that low. If it does or shows little improvement than we will be back on October 27th for our official idea what that would be. 

I'm just ready to start doing something, I think it's messed up that we have to go through a whole year plus of disapointment before we can even be seen by a doctor and even looked at for testing. 

I hope everyone is getting their good news and becoming mamas - we need good moms out there. It's so hard not to get mad at the 16 year olds who are becoming moms and then there are people struggling with it and are awesome people with a steady relationship and job and can actually take care of a little person. I don't get it. Done ranting, have a good night. 

Bad news from the Doctor

We got my husbands test results back for his sperm analysis....not good. Turns out that a good 'O' for a guy should produce around 15-20million swimmers, we only have 4000. This means that no matter what we do to try and increase his numbers it won't ever be enough to do on our own. The doctor wants hime to take the test again on Friday just to confirm numbers. We will be going in on the 27th to go over our options - insemination looks like our plan. 

I feel so bad for him, he is taking this news hard and I am just not sure how to comfort him. We actually got a weekend together - which is rare. So we just hung out and spent time together. We will be going away next weekend for our anniversary so I am hoping to get his mind off of it all. 

Hope everyone is having better luck than we are. 

Dr appt today - update

so we had our first meeting with the fertility clinic today. I really like the doctor. My husband will be going back in tomorrow for a true SA. We both had blood draws and we will find out those results in a few days. Since my husband has had medical issues when he was a baby we aren't sure on his numbers, the home SA tests that we did all came up negative, so we  are starting with him. I have very regular cycles and ovulate each month, so once we get the results back we will know more. Next appointment isn't until 10/27.... Hoping there is a cancelation before then. 

Ahhhh tomorrow-infertility appointment

 I'm  having HUGE anxiety.... Tomorrow is our first appointment with the fertility clinic. What are they going to do, will they do a SA test tomorrow? Will they just talk to us? I want answers will I get any tomorrow? 

Ugh im not good at waiting- thanks for letting me freak out with you