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First Infertility meeting.....9/29

Well this has been kinda a hard few days, we are now scheduled to go and meet with a reproductive specialist. I was really, really, really hoping that we wouldn't need to do anything like this. Kinda breaks my heart and freaks me out at the same time. Do I want to know what they have to say, are we going to be able to afford this in the long run if this is something we need to do, why can't we just be like everyone else in the family and reproduce like rabbits?? Seriously though, everyone in the family is having kids left and's a little sickening. 

Our appointment isn't until the 29 - so I'll be doing my homework and figuring out what questions we need to ask while we are there. If anyone has suggestions please don't hesitate to fill me in, I'll take all the info that I can.


Thanks, and GL to everyone!

Home SA test....

Hi ladies! 

Has anyone ever done this with your significant other?  My husband and I did it last night and we got a negative line = low sperm count. We are ordering another test and running it again just to see if we messed it up somehow. I am a little nervous about testing again, but also it will be kinda nice to know where our next steps would start.


He is covered by the VA, and not under my insurance so no matter what our next steps would be….we will be paying out of pocket for a true sperm analysis. No idea how much that would be? Has anyone ever had it done at a clinic? 

Well we are done this month....

I usually don't cry when AF comes, but this month I just don't know....extra emotional. Af showed up this morning, made me late for work because I couldn't stop crying. I hate this

Ugh Carrie jealous!

So today AF is supposed to show....I ovulated late this month so that might mess up a few things, but holding out faith that this will FINALLY be our month. I poas on Saturday - Neg so hoping holding out until tomorrow morning and then testing again. I'm only using the dollar store tests. I feel like I'm spending so much on tests that I need to stick with the dollar store ones. IF I think I see a second line then I have a CB digital and a FRER test too. 

Here's a thought....did anyone else get insainly jealous when Carrie Underwood announced she is pregnant? I wanted to cry! Oh and today my boss and his wife are having a baby, she went into labor around 6 this morning. So yeah good times!

Anyways, good luck to all! 

Sis-In-Law = pregnant again.....

So I love my family and I really like the s.i.l that's pregnant but I am also irritated and jealous about it. My husband and I are the last to have kids, everyone else in the family has a range of 1-4 kids already. I would just love to finally say....Hey remember us....we're family too and we are FINALLY having a baby! I don't forsee that happening any time soon. My younger brother and his wife are starting to try again and for some reason they are crazy fertal and I know it won't take them long. I have a feeling they will be announcing at Christmas. Their son wasn't planned and she was on an IUD when she got for them I'm sure it will just happen. 

We have been using preeseed, SMEPlan, soft cups, vitamins extra folic acid and trying to time everything right....I just don't get it. 

I can poas this weekend and I am really hoping that we get a positive, but I'm not holding my breath for it - tired of turning blue every month. 

Cycle: 11

CD: 28

DPO: 7



Excited about this month-Soft Cups added

So this month we are trying the SMEPlan again - so far so good, hubby is down with the every othere day routine. This month we are using: preseed, OPKs and I picked up Soft Cups. Never used them before last night so we shall see. So far I really like the soft cups - TMI ALERT - no one wants a mess on their sheets (seriously ick) and no one wants to miss out on every opportunity for those little swimmers to get there they need to be - don't let them escape :) So I hightly recommend soft cups. 

Has anyone had wonerful results using them? I read a lot of stories on line as well as watch youtube reviews, they all sound very positive so I am crossing my fingers this is our month. 

Only on CD12 - OPKs am and pm testing <--- NOT missing the surge this month! 

GL to all!! 

SMEP Plan here we come....round 2

So we are back at the beginning....AF just left yesterday I'm on CD 7. Hubby is asking when can we bd?!? Always a wonderful sign. I told him again what the plan was and he's 100% on board. I told him no days off we are sticking to the plan and we aren't gonig to make an excuse :-) We have nothign coming up, zero trips planned for the next two weeks so there should be no reason to miss this months little egg. 

In my mind all I'm hearing is.....Let the Games Begin! Fingers tightly crossed hoping for that May baby!

GL to everyone I hope that things are going well in your worlds



Well that's that

Af showed this afternoon. On to the next cycle

Failed with the SMEPlan....

Ugh so irritated with myself and the husband. How can you mess up the SMEPlan? Well we did and I know when it went big o day the one where you are supposed to bd the day of and then the next three days after....well he was too tired that morning and then he left for a trip that afternoon. Yup missed it yet again! 

Im on 13dpo and nothing but pms symptoms and being super irritated again. So here's to cycle 11.... Yup we are almost at the year mark. I try not to reads the bfp stories lately bc they are making me very depressed when I see 'bfp second cycle trying' I'm soooooo happy for them but also a little heartbroken and jealous. We are ready it's our turn now. I'm sure there are a lot of you out there that feel the way I do and its hard to keep that smile on. 

anyways we will try again next month. Ugh good luck to everyone! 

Feeling down...

I love reading all the bfp stories on here and I am truly excited for everyone...just wanting it to be my turn. I know, I know sounds super childish I get it, but come on body wth?! We've done everything right and still nothing. Right now I'll be sitting at 10dpo tomorrow, nothing new and I'm not crazy symptom spotting. I'm tired of getting my hopes up and then having them crushed. Part of me wants to stop all together and then the other says not to. I love being an auntie but a mom would be better.

seriously though congrats to all the bfp'ers out there recently. I feel like we've been seeing a lot of awesome stories. 

Trying to stay positive and keeping my fingers crossed for everyone and myself 

GL and bby dust to all!