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7dpo...anyone else?

One more week to go....ugh seems like this time the wait is creeping by. 

How is everyone else doing?

It's official...the wait is here

I'm at 1dpo....

bd on cd9,10,13,17....tried again cd17 evening but hubby had a large glass of wine prior....seriously can't believe how much that messes him up! Very irritating actually.  We use preseed as an external lubricant. 

Ovulated yesterday was supposed to bd yesterday am before he left for his trip but things weren't working the way we wanted them to...

so really hoping that some of his swimmers lasted 24 hours and that i could have ovulated over night? Who knows I just home that something happens this cycle. There are so many different things out there on how long sperm can waiting game.

gl to everyone!! 

Let the two week wait begin....

Well Here we go again....cycle 10, ovulation day is today according to tests. Had awesome progression with opk's......crossing fingers that the SMEPlan work, first time trying this.

Wives tale or not....

does antone think that propping your hid up after really works or old wives tale?


I can see progression on my opks! Maybe this will finally be our month!

SMEPlan....anyone have success?

So....this month we are trying the sperm meets egg plan. I've read a lot of success stories about this so why not try? As mush as I said I wasn't going to do opk's kind a need them for this plan. Poas this morning cd10 faint line, will continue to bd every other night until a strong positive, and then that night plus two more....fingers are crossed :-) 

gl to everyone 

Day 1, 10th cycle

Well af showed today....only one day behind schedule so not bad. 

Here's to next month....

Why oh why....

So because I'm me and driving myself nuts I took a test this evening.....bfn. As I suspected but just needed to see it I guess. Af is supposed to be here tomorrow we'll see.....


AF Due Tomorrow

So AF is due tomorrow - midmorningish - I am on CD30 and 13dpo...I average a 31 day cycle so she could show tomorrow or on the 3rd, who knows. Personally I'd love for her to stay away but we all know that usually doesn't happen when we want it to. I'm on my 9th cycle ttc, I'm almost 30 and have Factor V (ugh), the not seeing signs or anything is starting to get me really depressed. 

I'm meeting with a lady from church tonight just to have someone from the outside looking in, just looking for advice and prayers. I've had issues with depression in the past (something you never really get over) and I'm starting to feel that way again and I need to get out of the funk before I go too deep again. I know everything happens for a reason and I know that God has his own plans for our lives and we don't get to make every decision but I'm getting upset and I can't let myself do that. 

Crossing my fingers that maybe just maybe we might be pregnant this time around. Seeking guidance and prayers. FX for everyone


Nothing Happening.....

So today I'm around 8-10dop been a SUPER crazy few weeks. Moved into a new house and the hubby had back surgery. Before the move we only BD'd twice kinda around the time I though best (not tempting or OPK) so it's all on me paying attention to my body...well that's a little harder to do when you're packing a house, dogs and other crap along with unpacking, a back surgery and work. 

I am hoping that we did time things right and that with the keeping busy and not spending time being a crazy symptom tracker that maybe it will happen this month. AF is supposed to be here around July 4 - so I won't test until then --- why get the hopes up?? The only thing that is a little different this month is yesterday my nipples were killing me!!! Hurt to touch, today they are still a little tender but not as bad. Also yesterday around 4:00pm I felt super sick, hot, sweaty and a little nauseous - lasted for about 30 mins and then I was fine. 

Who knows…..I want to keep hoping and praying that it will happen one day, it just gets really hard and a little overwhelming when we have been trying for almost a year (I know others have been trying for much longer – I’m high-risk so I’d like to have kids sooner than later) and people keep announcing they are pregnant. A coworker just told me that her daughter just found out that she is pregnant (she doesn’t even want to be pregnant, not married and moving back in with the parents) just really hard for me to fake excitement when I feel that I’ve taken the ‘right’ steps in being able to provide for my family and not depend on others help. Just hard to hear…..


Ugh…anyways….GL to all FX