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So I picked up a test today

So while at Target with my nephew I picked up a pregnancy test....tomorrow we will see what it has to say 

Well...what's a girl to do?

So I told the hubs that af hasn't shown up yet and that I wanted to get a first response test....he told me to wait until next Saturday!! 

So I guess I'm waiting....let's see how this week pans out. Fingers crossed that af still stays away :-) 2 days late right now....

CD30 - 13dpo - cb digital test

Awesome day today, lots of packing up the house and going to the river with the dogs even got a little sunburnt :-) great sunday....only issue is that I'm on cd30...this is usually the day that AF shows sign or symptoms. I'm usually sleeping in a sports bra bc my boobs hurt but nothing.

I don't get it...poas this morning smu and it was negative. It was a cb digital (not pregnant/pregnant) has anyone has any issues with them showing not pregnant but you are? It was on sale that's the only reason I picket them up, usually I've used the first response rapid response tests....thoughts? 

My my mom never had a positive pregnancy test until she was 6wks along, just never showed on a stick, they drew blood. We have come a long way in 30 years with pregnancy tests so I don't want to get my hopes up. 

Let me know your thoughts on the 'right' tests to use. 

Still nothing...

Still no symptoms or bfp....ugh

Zero symptoms....

so I'm not a super symptom spotter and I really haven't tracked anything just the af and when we DDT, so I think I'm around 10dpo today....tested for the hell of it this morning -bfn. but here's the strange thing...I have zero symptoms of anything. Af is scheduled to show on Monday but by now I usually have the crazy sore boobs and major mood swings....nada! Don't get it. It's kinda a blessing but not the norm. 

Anyways, GL to all!!

Finally something to keep my mind busy!

Just heard from our realtor that it's official we close on our first home on June 20 appraisal went awesome - that was the last piece we were waiting for!! It's a much needed boost of excitement for me. Now I get to hunt down boxes and start sifting through things keep/sell/give away :) I am so excited to FINALLY be homeowners. Right now we are squatters at my in-laws....yeah not much fun - but I am very thankful to them for the opportunity to be able to save and pay debt down for a house. 

So...first comes love (check), then comes marriage (check), then buy a house (check), THEN bring home baby (working on it)

Right now I'm around 9dpo give or take so I'll poas more than likely tomorrow bc I enjoy setting myself up to see what happens....but can't help it :)

Ahhh so excited right now - finally something great!!!

Well I broke down....

Well I broke down and poas this morning - should be around 9dpo. Of course it said bfn and I knew it would so why am I so upset about it? It's still early and too soon to know bit I'd still like that bfp at some point in my life. 

Im not going nuts symptom spotting either because what's the point? Piss myself off?? No reason to get all worked up 'thinking' I might be pregnant. 

AF is supposed to show on Monday, and I'm glad it's a holiday weekend.

Question about fmu or smu...

I have seen some posts about using the second morning urine and not the first....why is this? In my mind I would thing that your fmu would be stronger for a test? What am I missing?

Thanks in advance!  

9dpo anyone?

hey everyone...anyone here at 9dpo tomorrow? I want to test but I know it's still really early. So looking for a buddy who is feeling the same way :-)

Soooo....I'm really bad at waiting

Hey ttc friends :-)

i know I'm not supposed to be doing any sort of testing until is due then, but man it's hard to wait! Tomorrow is 8dpo and I'm really trying hard not to get my hopes up but I want to test so bad. I really hate wasting those things too.....

so anyways, how's everyone else doing?