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A Little Nervous... kind of hopeful... the TWW Countdown...

Last month, I had a chemical pregnancy. We had BD - used the pull out method - on 12/2 and ovulated 12/5. I got a BFP the day my cycle was due but started bleeding the next day. I thought it was implantation, but it got heavier and had some (TMI) clots. Even though we were not TTC it was still devastating to have a loss. Not sure if I will be getting a BFP later this month; part of me wants another kiddo, but we will see. We BD'd using the pull out method, but he stuck it back in instantly afterwards without urinating in between. This is how it goes: 1/3) EWCM when wiped, CP - SHOW. 1/4) EWCM, CP - SHOW 1/5) O'day. BD. Less EWCM, CP - High, soft, partially open. Fatigue - probably from being on the road for 2 straight days with little rest; I didn't need melatonin to sleep like I usually take. 1/6) 1DPO. Sticky CM. CP - High medium, closed. Increased libido, (TMI) had a little solo fun which I rarely do. Boobs a little tender (NEVER happens after ovulation; usually occurs a week before AF). Fatigue - no melatonin. Food aversion. 1/7) 2DPO. Dry CM. CP - High, soft, closed. Slight increase in libido, more solo fun. Wake up to a "popping" sensation on my right ovary but no pain. Boobs super tender. Crying about everything (movies I've seen 100xs, something I think is beautiful, songs, the fact my boobies/nips hurt, etc). Food aversion. Right now, it's mostly the super emotional and tender boobs that have me a bit curious. So we wait... to see... maybe I am... maybe I'm not. TWW Countdown