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Can’t stop testing, love my BFPs!!

got my positive on Friday the 15th, and despite saying I wouldn’t waste money on tests, I bought a pack yesterday and just LOVE to see the positive line show up so quickly after so many months of squinting and thinking I might possibly see SOMETHING lol. This one is so dark and barely any dye left for control line haha :) 

Evap or positive? Picture included

need some help. This I the third test I’ve taken and I swear I see the faintest if lines in the FRER I took on 10 DPO, this is from 11 DPO, but it took like 20 minutes to show up. Does the fact that it has color give me some hope or does that def look like an evap line? I don’t normally use blue dye tests so I’m not so sure. 



PIC ATTACHED- How faint can a BFP be on FRER??!!

ladies, I need some help. how faint have your very first BFP lines been in an FRER test? I took one this afternoon (I know FMU is better, but I couldn’t help myself!) and I swear I can see a line, but if I were to just look fast, I probably wouldn’t see it. Does that sound Possible? Or is even the faintest of BFP lines obviously there and not something to squint at? Any advise or pictures would really help me. I know I need to test again and plan to wait until Thursday morning, but I probably can’t wait that long lol. 

I drew little Markers where I saw the line, do you see anything or am I absolutely crazy??

13 DPO - chart included

I am now 13 DPO and believe AF is due tomorrow, UNLESS I'm going to get my BFP! 


I O'd on CD 18 and we BD ON CD 16,18 and 19 (as well as before and after that but those were the critical days lol)


My temp dipped on 8DPO and then went back up and was its highest yet on 10DPO (98.54). It has gone down in the past two days but not anywhere near what it does when I'm going to get AF. 


Not having many symptoms other than fatigue, lack of motivation and full boobs. 


Here's my chart, what do you think?

11DPO and think I might be preggo!

So i'm in my 3rd cycle TTC #2. DH and I have a 2.5 year old son and we are ready to bring on #2! :) When we started this, I promised I wouldn't go as crazy as last time, and I quickly realized that is not possible, obsessing and tracking is what I do best! haha.

I am 11 DPO today and I have taken 2 tests (8 DPO & 10 DPO) that were both negative, however, I still think I could be pregnant and am just testing too early. I PROMISED myself I wouldn't test again until Saturday, which will be 15 DPO, if AF hasn't arrived yet.

I have a 31-32 day cycle and I O'd on CD 18 according to temps and CM. We BD on CD 13, 14, 16, 18 and 19. 

Since then, I haven't felt any glaring or extremely obvious symptoms, however around CD 6-8 I did experience some light cramping on the left side that was very faint, but noticeable twinges. Also, by CD 8, DH noticed, as did I, that my bbs were looking full and bigger.

I did test with FMU on DPO 8, however, it was negative; I knew it was too early, but you know how that goes! I then tested, against my intentions, on the afternoon of 10DPO mid-afternoon after drinking two full iced coffees. The test was negative but I also know that my sample was likely very diluted.

I'm not feeling irritable like I normally would 2-3 days away from AF, and the slight crampy feeling in my abdomen has been a bit consistent, something I don't normally notice.

Also, on 7DPO my temp did dip from 98.3 to 97.9, raising back to 98.3 the following day. It has stayed consistently around 98.3, but then on the mornign of 11DPO, it raised a bit more to the highest it's been all cycle, 98.54.

In an effort to find some comfort, reassurance, or answers before I can get any actual answers (BFP or AF), I have been researching CP and what it could mean. I am 11 DPO and do not normally track my CP, however, based on everything that I have read, right now it is high and soft. Is this normal for just prior to AF? It seems like it should drop own lower and harden with the arrival of AF. And without giving too much detail, I know it's high because it takes the length of my entire middle finger to reach it.

I know that the only real answer is to wait a few more days to know for sure, but I really think I am, but I'm terrified to test again and want to wait until Saturday, but I just hate not knowing!

I know this was a long post but I appreciate if you read it and any feedback you have based on your experiences.

Thank you!!




Can't stop testing - love seeing BFPs!!!

So last Friday I got my BFP at 11 DPO and could not believe my eyes. on Saturday and Sunday I took a total of four more tests of different brands to be sure, and all positive!! So we told our immediate family and I called my doctor who wants to see me at 8 weeks at the end of this month :)

im not really experiencing any symptoms so I keep worrying and not believing that I'm pregnant. I just bought another test (despite what DH told me lol) and tested at work. The line came up immediately as it did with my first ever BFP and got soooo dark. It is darker than the control line for sure. I'm taking this as a good sign :) is it normal for the test line to be so much darker??!!

when I was TTC for 8 months the BFP stories kept me going so I hope this helps someone!

10 DPO - temps up again! (Chart included)

So today I am 10 DPO and I have been charting bbt for a few months now. At 8 DPO it started to dip which is normal if AF is expected to come. It would steadily decrease until AF arrived. This month it started going down and then this morning on 10 DPO it spiked back up. Is this a good sign??!!

im feeling positive but I want some input from you ladies. My chart is attached (I don't track much else besides bbt on this so don't look at the lack of info as a bad thing. I can't do it I become obsessive so I focus on temps lol)

Mixed signals! HELP

So today I am 12 DPO. Had a bfn with FMU at 11 DPO but am still feeling somewhat hopeful. 

My temp dropped about .3 this morning which was disappointing but my bbs are still feeling/looking full, my cm has been very watery with a creamy color and even a little stretchy since about 5-8 DPO, and this morning I triwd to check my cervix and although I struggle with this, in the past as AF approaches it lowers and is easy to find And is quite dry down there in general. Today it appeared to be way high and extremely soft and wet. 

I don't want to take another test just to be disappointed. af is expected around Sunday or Monday. If it doesn't show and my temps stay higher, I'll test at the end if next week. 

But these mixed signals are killing me. What's your opinions?

Looking promising!

So I'm trying not to psych myself out like I do each cycle but it's so hard this time! I normally keep the symptoms I think I have to myself so DH doesn't get frustrated with how obsessed I can get. So this cycle when I started feeling like my bbs were feeling bigger and more full I didn't bother asking him. Then yesterday when getting ready for bed and changing he made a comment that thy looked bigger! This made me think it wasn't all in my head :)

im 10dpo today and still have pretty high temps compared to my cover line and creamy CM. My bbs have gotten fuller and my nipples have been sensitive for the past three days, not so uncomfortable but definitely noticeable. 

Another weird thing is that DH and I have started a workout together and I've done it every morning for five days in a row now and have been eating better and I'm up one pound! How could this be?!?

i feel like I have some promising signs pointing to a BFP and I can't wait to know! I haven't tested because I am so sick of BFNs so I will probably wait until about 15-16 DPO if my temps are still high!

BBT keeps rising- 7DPO

I'm charting for the first time this month and I'm 7DPO and my bbt continues to rise basically on a daily basis. I'm already more than 1 degree above the cover line. 

is this a good sign? I've also had sensitive nipples the past three it so days which is unusual for me

chart is attached.