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Fertility chart- what to look for

Okay so I have been charting with my fertility friend app which helped me pinpoint my ovulation. Now that ive ovulated and my temp is elevated, what am I looking for in my chart? Will any specific signs point to pregnancy or non-pregnancy? I want to understand so I know what I'm looking for. I'm 5dpo and my temp has risen since ovulation a little each day. Does that just continue?

i am just looking for patterns that might lead me to an answer! Lol

4DPO- here we go!

So today I am on CD22/4DPO and I have to say it is the first cycle in 6 TTC that I know my O date and DPO which feels good. I used OPKs and temped this cycle with FF so I'm feeling prepared. We BD 3 times in my fertile window, the last two being the day before and the day of O so I feel good about that. 

Yesterday and today have really kicked my butt at work so I've been exhausted. All afternoon today I've had a headache and been pretty irritable but that's just work for you! Have noticed an increase in creamy CM starting at 3dpo tho

feeling positive about this cycle and can't wait to continue my TWW and see what it brings me :)

OPK troubles

So this is our 6th cycle TTC and only the second I've used OPKs. I used them the second month we tried but drove myself crazy and the sex became a chore rather than fun. But my cycles have been irregular and I'm trying to understand more so I've been temping and using the OPKs. I have had two very strong positives in a row with ovulation pain on Saturday night. The blaring positives were Sunday morning and again this morning. We BD on Saturday and Sunday but I just don't know how long the positives will last. My temp hasnt really spiked yet but since this is my first month it's really hard to read my chart. It has been varying between 97.0-97.55 since CD1

how long will I read a strong positive before/after ovulation? Should I BD everyday until it fades? I just feel bad for DH because even though we enjoy the BD I don't want to make it a chore again because in struggling to read the tests. 

Many input would help and attached is a pic of this mornings test 

first cycle charting BBT

So I am currently on CD 13 of my first cycle charting temps. Last cycle was so out of wack and basically tortureous so I'm doing what i can to make sense of my cycle now. This will be our 6th cycle TTC #1 and it's quite difficult! The emotions are nearly impossible to explain, theres only so much that you can do, and then it's out of your hands, and i HATE that! I'm really hoping that this cycle will be ours!

I am a bit confused tho because my temps seem to have more variation than i was expecting. They averaged about 97.1 - 97.4 for the first 7 days or so. Then on CD 11 it went up to 97.57 and then today went down to 96.85. Is this a wide range for the temp prior to ovulation? I just dont want it to be difficult to detect the spike in temp after ovulation.

I've also been using OPK's since CD 10. I figured it was early (my cycles are usually about 35 days but somewhat irregular) but i wanted to make sure i caught it. This morning I did it first thing and there was a faint line, but one that was more visible than yesterdays. I talked to DH and he agrees that we will BD every day or at least every other day to make sure we dont miss it. We both want this so bad!

Last cycle was 53 days long for some unknown reason and i didn't temp or use OPKs so it was really difficult to know what was going on. Thats why i've changed my mind this cycle!

Do my temps seem all out of wack or is it goin to be impossible to tell until I do this for a few cycle?

AF and Sick

So i'm on CD3 now and both me and DH are sick with stuffy noses and just overall cranky! Althought i'm not happy that we are sick, I'm kind of glad of the timing. At least it is not happening during my fertile window so we can have a good cycle of trying! After last months mysterious 51 day cycle, i'm starting to temp this month first thing in the morning. I am using a regular thermometer though.

What is the difference with the bbt thermometer and a regular one. Should I buy one of the BBTs?

Either way, I'm glad to have AF because at least it gave me an answer because I was so tired of waiting! Now I will start temping and charting with FF app and see if that helps me. DH and I also took a vow to start eating healthier and working towards bettering ourselves to help our chances :)

Good luck ladies - happy TTC :)

stories of no AF and no positive HPT but pregnant??

I'm starting to lose hope! I'm now on CD 51, which puts me about two weeks late and still no signs of AF but also no positive HPTs. Called my doctor on CD 45 and she wants me to wait until i'm about one month late incase it's a skipped period.

I do not temp or use OPKs because I am trying to just do this as naturally as possible for now as to not drive myself and DH so crazy. We know we are young and have plenty of time (I'm almost 24 and DH is 25). However, this period of "not knowing" is really making me crazy. Am I late? Did I skip a period? Am I pregnant? AHHH.

I do have a few symptoms that are noteworthy but the more time that goes by, I feel like I should be feeling more obvious symptoms or really be able to know by now?!? - ALWAYS hungry to the point where 15 minutes after I eat I feel hungry again, blue veins on bbs, hair and skin have been extremley oily, sometimes experiencing a tender feeling in breasts/nipples and sleeplessness.

I'm just hoping to hear some stories of people who might have had no AF but also no positive HPTs and were ACTUALLY pregnant. Maybe that will rekindle my feelings of hope! 

Or if it seems more likely that I'm not pregnant and skipped a period (which has never happened to me before) - then please help me get through this!

All that for a defective test?!?

So today at work I decided that I was going to hold off on going to the bathroom until i absolutely couldn't to try and test this evening compared to FMU which is the only thing I've done so far. So on my way home from work I bought a pack of 3 CVS brand early pregnancy tests (which I have never used before). After dinner and relaxing for a bit I told my husband I had been holding it in and i was going to go test.

DEFECTIVE TEST! - I have been putting it off because I'm nervouse and finally built up the courage to test again and it was defective where the test line didn't even appear. I am so disappointed but will test in the morning and hope the whole pack isn't bad.

I'm on CD 49 today and that puts me about 10-12 days late with 3 negative tests. Called my doctor at day 45 and she said to call back when I'm about 1 month late wether the tests are negative or positive. I have somewhat irregular cycles so she wants to be sure i didn't just skip a period. I didn't do temping so I'm not sure how to measure If i'm in the middle of a cycle right now and just skipped the period, or late for my period and pregnant! And after all the build up of finally wanting to test, the stupid thing didn't work!!!

A few noteable symptoms as of this past week: definite increased appetite (i'm always hungry, and when i eat, i'm literally hungry in 15 minutes), somewhat tender breasts/nipples, not all the time but sometimes they feel just "different" and somewhat tender, my hair/skin has become sooooo oily in the past week it's disgusting! Also have noticed some blue veins on my bbs which I have seen before but they're much more prominent now, and my nipples have newly developed little like whiteish bumps on the areolas, I've always had bumps around the outside but these are more so on the insides closer to my nipples, something i've never noticed before. I'm an emotional roller coaster and have zero patience lately for almost anything (or other days i'm SO happy for no reason).

I've never missed a period in my life, if it really was just a skipped period, why now when i so badly want to be pregnant????

I keep trying to tell myself to be patient and just wait it out because either way, i'll find out soon enough. But MAN is that easier said than done.

Scared to test!

So I'm now in CD 48 which is about 10 days late. The last test I took was negative on CD 45. I called my doctor that day and cuz my cycles are a little irregular in length she said to wait until I was about one month late to go in for blood tests. I am scared to test and keep seeing negatives. I just want that BFP. I have NEVER skipped a period so i am feeling like this could be it but just need confirmation!

skipped period?

So yesterday the doctor told me to wait until I'm at least about one month late for my period before going in for a blood test. In that time she said I can continue to test every couple of days and I may get a positive, but if not and still no AF to call her. She thinks because my cycles are a bit irregular, she wants to make sure I didn't just skip a period.

So here's my question; if I did in fact just "skip" a period and am not pregnant (sad!) will I ovulate this cycle? Will I have the regular fertile window again or do i need to wait until I get another period?

I just dont want to miss out on another potential fertile window if this was not my cycle (again, VERY SAD!)

However, am not giving up hope yet! Today i am on CD 46 with no signs of AF and a few things that could possibly be early preggo signs. This puts me at approximately 7-10 days late based on my previous cycles (35 days, 33 days and 39 days) Until that AF shows up I am treating this as if I could be pregnant to be safe. I plan to wait until 3/10, which seems like a gazillion years away! Hopefully in the meantime AF doesn't show and I can maybe get a positive home test! If not I will go in and see the doctor and maybe the blood tests will give me that BFP I so desparately want!

2 more weeks?!?!

Called the doctor today since I'm approximately one week late with three negative tests! She told me since my periods are a bit irregular (range in length- past three were 35, 33,  39) she wants to wait until im about one month late to go in for a blood test incase I skipped a period for some reason. 

I can't believe I have to just keep waiting without answers it is such a hard thing to do! 

So the plan now is to test every three days or so until either AF shows or March 10th comes around and I can call the doctor. Ideally I get a positive test before then or even AF to at least give me some answers! :(