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CD 43 - still waiting!!

so today concludes CD 43, and I'm going stir-crazy! I'm really starting to get my hopes up, because although my cycle is irregular, it has NEVER been this long. I have been off BC since I think July of last year, TTC since October, and they have been generally between 30-35 days for the most part. last three consecutively have been 35, 33, and then 39 days long.

I am experiencing some cramping tonight and i always seem to be hungry. It's not that i'm craving certain foods, but I cannot seem to satisfy my hunger! No matter what i eat, an hour later i'm hungry again. I've also been taking frequent trips to the bathroom at work lately. My bbs are a bit sore and tender, not the nipples though, just my bbs in general, also feeling a bit full compared to normally. also, I've had a few nights in a row with a lingering headache, nothing too serious, but it doesn't seem to go away. Also, I've gotten a few random spells of feeling not so much dizzy, but "foggy", but then it eventually goes away.

Also, I've noticed a lack of a few things that I normally notice on a regular cycle. My CM is generally pretty abundant almost thruought my cycle, and since ovulation, it really hasn't been much at all. Also, normally just before getting AF, my teeth/gums are quite sore and sensitive, but this cycle I have not yet felt that.

I'm not sure what to think anymore, I will wait until CD 45 to test again. If still no AF and negative test at that point, I will call my doctor.

This is so nerve racking, I JUST WANT TO KNOW!!

Emotionally Drained/Distracted! - CD 38

I had an extremley busy January at work, so the past cycle has flown by without too much thought about us TTC, which was a bit of a relief. This is our 4th month TTC #1, and I know that is not a long time compared to what some people go through, but it does feel like it's been quite the journey of emotions. My cycles vary in length and have not really been steady since coming off BC in July. The past 3 were 35 days, 33 days and then 39 days. Today I am on CD 38 and feeling completely distracted by whether I am pregnant or not!

At the beginning of each cycle I promise myself I will not stress over it or over analyze anything because it only makes it that much harder if AF shows at the end. However, in the days awaiting AF, I am completely absorbed in wondering if I actually concieved that month or not and always end up convincing myself that I'm pregnant!

Last month was the worst, and is partly why I tried not to think too deep into things this time around. I had spotting about a week or so after ovulation and a day of intense cramps and i thought for sure it was implantation bleeding, and that was the first "real" sign of early pregnancy I had seen yet, so i was practically convinced. Then my cycle lasted longer than the previous two, going to 39 days, leading me to be confused by all the BFNS.

This cycle, nothing really out of the ordinary to report, but a few noteworthy points. I've been feeling bloated and gassy for the past week and a half, which could be from anything. I have also had the worst heartburn I've ever experienced this cycle. I frequently get mild heartburn, but this was so bad that it kept me up all night and lasted through the next day! This happened on CD27/28. My skin lately has been breaking out and very oily, and I am getting acne on my upper arms/shoulders, which is something that hasn't happened to me since I was starting puberty! My bbs are also feeling a bit heavier and fuller, however I am not experiencing any nipple soreness. I have been feeling some slight cramping on and off the past two or three nights. And one weird thing that stood out to me that could be completely unrelated was last night CD37, I was having a terrible cramp in the bottom of my left foot! I couldn't get it to loosen up or go away, my DH even tried to massage it out for me. Also noteworthy is that my CM seems to be barely noticeable. Usually it is very prominent around ovulation and then again before my period, however, this time I am barely feeling or noticing anything, which i thought might be weird.

If I don't get AF tomorrow morning, I plan to test on Saturday morning. My AF always comes first thing in the morning when I first go to the bathroom, never randomly during the day, so if it doens't happen right away, i know I'm at least good for another day. I have not yet tested because i absolutely dread facing another negative, it breaks me down a bit more each time. If i'm feeling positive, I may do it tomorrow morning (valentines day) to see if we might have a nice surprise, but if no AF tomorrow morning, I will defiinitely test Saturday.

This is just an emotional roller coatser. I want it so bad that it totally consumes my mind! I went to a baby shower for my sisters best friend over the weekend and it was actually very difficult. I was overwhelmed with joy for her but also so jealous, i felt horrible for feeling that way! there were also about 4 other pregnant women in the room, which just made me feel like something was wrong with me :( not to mention the fact that my husband and I are young and have now been married for almost 2 years, people don't stop asking about it!

Here's to hoping for no AF and a BFN this valentines day :)

No AF or BFP?!?!

This is so frustrating to go through! My past two cycles have been 35 and 33 days respecticely. Normally my cycles are about 32-34 days long. I am now on CD 39 and no signs of AF but multiple signs of pregnancy but no positive test!

on CD 26 I experienced one spot of bright blood only when I wiped which I was hopeful was implantation bleeding.(I NEVER spot) I have also started to see blue veins and little white bumps on my nipples, mostly visible before bed. I've had headaches at night, been extremely emotional and also had extreme mouth and gum soreness at night. 

I last tested with FMU on CD 38 on a digital and nothing (digital was all I had at home). I am waiting until Friday morning which will make me at CD 43... If no AF and no positive I'll get blood test. 

Does anybody have any insight? Is there a possibility I'm pregnant and it's just not reading it yet?

Days dragging!!

today is cd 36... Which is three days late based on last cycle but only one day late compared to two cycles ago. I won't get it today cuz it ALWAYS happens first thing in the morning. I've tested twice last week and BFNs. These past three days have been dragging so much! Not to mention I've been symptom spotting like a crazy person!! Haha. 

On christmas eve, which was about ten days prior to expected AF I had one spot of bright blood when I wiped at night. I NEVER spot before period, never mind 10 days before! I tried to hide my excitement when I left the bathrom but I am under the impression that it was implantation bleeding! I also have been very emotional and crying at anything. I even cry just looking at my husband because I'm just so happy ahaha!

Two nights ago I was pretty nauseous at night and had a terrible headache. i went straight to bed in the middle of un-decorating the house and Christmas tree! luckily my DH is super sweet and understood :). Had another headache last night, but not half as bad as the night before. 

Ive been feeling cramps for a few days now and last night I thought AF might show this morning but nothing! Have had a lot of off white creamy cm though. 

If I am in fact pregnant it's taking me longer to get a positive test than I expected and that kind of makes me think I'm out. But I feel like I have multiple things leading me to really think this could be our month!

snow day from work so home doing some cleaning and watching tv. Teen mom is on and I can't stand to watch it. To hear these girls who got pregnant by accident and who are not really happy with their lives as a mother kills me!

Want to be naive!

Does anybody else wish they didn't know what symptoms were of being pregnant. Sometimes I think it would be easier if missing your period was the only thing that let you know ans that periods were completely regular and reliable!

moving to CD 35 tomorrow and my past two cycles have been 33 and 35 days so I'm right at that point. Have symptoms with BFNs of course. 

This is just exhausting and we're just finishing our third cycle trying for #1, which I know is nothing yet!

New Years BFP please!

So I'm in my third cycle TTC and I'm at the end of my TWW.  Tomorrow is CD 33 but still no BFP even tho I have been so hopeful this month! Last cycle was 33 days and the one prior to that was 35 so I'm due for AF any day, unless my body has other plans :)

Me (23) and DH (25) bd on all the right days and then again on all the wrong days lol :) We were more relaxed this month and trying not to stress about exactly when to bd. Approximately 7 days after ovulation I had some pretty bad cramps on one side while at work. The next day at night when I wiped there was a spot of blood, bright red. It only appeared when I wiped that once and nothing else. Hasn't happened since. 

This has basically been my only "symptom" besides heartburn and being a bit emotional which could both be AF. 

i have taken two tests in the past 4 days and nothing yet. I just want to know! I felt like that spotting was my sign because that NEVER happens. Especially that long before af would be due. 

Ill be testing tomorrow morning and really hoping for a BFP for New Years.  DH and I have been married for 1.5 years and are really ready For this and want it so bad. 

Anybody else in the same boat??

Cd 4 - bye for now

So today is CD 4 for me and I'm vowing not to go onto this site during this ttc cycle. This is our third month and I went to crazy last cycle that I could barely get work done and was so convinced I was pregnant. The only thing I'm doing this month is tracking some stuff with my ovia fertility app so that it can predict data accurately. No ovulation test strips and no blogging because it gives me insight into new symptoms for me to imagine. I need to get off of this, have fun trying to conceive and just hope for my little Christmas miracle <3 

best of luck to you all this cycle!!

Feeling bummed

9dpI today and can't help but feel a bit bummed. Not really getting any signs besides increased creamy CM and two dreams in a row (one that I got implantation bleeding band then next I got a BFP) but besides that I'm feeling so normal. I'm planning to test on Wednesday 12dpo and AF is due anywhere between then and the weekend. So I'm not out yet but I just was hoping for some signs. 

Doesnt help that many people around me are newly pregnant and barely tried for it. Obviously happy for them just can't help but want it more!

CM -tmi warning! Lol

So today I am 7dpo and the past three days my CM has been more abundant and kind if a mix of lotion/watery type. However I feel like I'm noticing it has a slight odor of maybe a metallic smell? Hard to explain but it's nothing I've noticed before. 

How does CM change or act when pregnant? Could this be a good sign? I never dried up after O like usual. 

trouble understanding CM throught cycle???

So this is my second month TTC and I have learned SO much from this site in the past two months, but i need to clarify my understanding of CM and how it changes throughout the cycle.

Today puts me at 3dpo and i am experiencing water CM (slightly visible on panties but mostly just when i wipe) that is like a milky color. For 1-2dpo it was nothing on my panties but extremley thick and cloudy sticky or tacky each time i wiped.

So I thought i heard that past ovulation it will dry up a bit as we move from ovulation to preparing for either pregnancy or period, but mine seems to have gotten quite wet again. How will CM be if I am in fact pregnant? does it change?

I didn't really track this last month nor do i know exactly when i o'd last month so this is really the first cycle i'm trying to pay attention to these things.

CD 18 - 20 i had ovulation cramping with O on CD20 ( we BD on CD13,15,16,18,20,21). 1-2dpo there was a lingering slight cramp or pressure feeling in lower abdomen with diareahh at least twice each day so far (could be totally unrelated but just filling you in)

So i was hoping for some insight on CM and what it will do in your cycles. does this change if pregnant?