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2dpo EWCM?

I am now 2 DPO and have EWCM which is thicker and more noticeable than I have ever noticed, ever lol. I thought CM becomes more dry and less abundant after ovulation. 


What at does this mean?

3 positive opks?

Hey ladies. I swore I got my positive ov test on Thursday, just incase I tested again on Friday and it was positive again where the test strip was even darker than the control! Now I tested again this morning and it was a clear positive again! These were taken on the 14-16 and we BD on 10,11,13,15. 

How do I read these tests?

Symptoms - when?

How early after ovulation can you start feeling symptoms? my O day was today, I don't feel symptoms or anything I'm just hoping to know how soon I realistically would recognize symptoms. This might help me know if my mind is playing tricks on me!!

dont want to go crazy or anything (even tho that ship has sailed lol) 

Any words of wisdom??

OPK test help!

I thought for sure I got my positivw ovulation result yesterday but tested again today to see the difference and be sure (first month using them). This morning it appeared like the test strip might have even been darker than the control strip!?!

we BD on the 11th and 13th which are both in my fertile window (like 4 or 5 times before that window also) and now I just need to know what this test result means. 

Im going going to try to post the picture of today's test. Your advice would help!!

And the TWW begins!!

This is our second month TTC and I'm just entering the TWW again. This month I was a bit more prepared and in tune with understanding my fertile period and the best "timing" for us to BD. Last month we decided a bit late that we were going to start that month and likely missed my ovulation.

However, this month, I was more in tune with what was happening and also invested in ovulation test strips to guide me. Last AF was 10/27-10/31 and my cycles are around 31 days. I haven't really tracked them and last month it was 35 (which is long for me). Based on calculations my fertile window was between the 9th and 13th(today). Based on my body and the ovulation tests, today is my O day. I have had some lower cramping sensations all day and my CM increased and was very milky today and yesterday (i had faint lines for the test starting on Friday, thought they became even more faint on Monday, but then this morning it was the strongest I've seen, and i'm relying more on how my body is feeling, because of that I am certain). DH and I BD on 5th - 8th, 10th, 11th and will again tonight.

I'm really just hoping that this TWW goes by fast and I am able to keep busy at work (it's usually easier to stay distracted at home with my husband, but when work is slow it's sooo easy for my mind to go elsewhere!).

I think this month our timing was great so as of right now I'm feeling good and know that all I can do is relax and wait it out! - Going to keep track of symptoms if I have any and be aware of how I'm feeling and looking now compared to the next two weeks.

Wish me luck and baby dust to all of you! This site has been a savior for me during this new journey, so glad I came across it!

Is anyone else going into their TWW with me??

help - reading ovulation test strip

DH and I are in our 2nd month TTC, and I decided to invest in an OPK to try and help track my ovulation to better know when I'm most fertile. Last AF started on 10/27 and my cycles are about 31-33 days on average. I haven't really tracked my cycles before this for too long in fear of becomming obsessed (it didn't work haha) so I'm not too positive on that. According to most ovulation calculators I should ovulate around 11/9-11/13. I bought the ovulation test strips on Friday and took them Friday - this morning. On Friday it was the faintest of lines, but it was definitely visible. Saturday morning it was definitely darker than Friday, but I still thought it would get darker, but Sunday morning it was fainter, more like Fridays results. And then this morning, it was basically non existing, only visible when I really squinted and tried to see it.

Because this is my first month ever using this, I'm not sure how to read this. Was the darker line on Saturday my positive, which means I would have ovulated within the next 24 hours, or should I keep testing and maybe it hasn't happened yet?

Based on some other signs of ovulation, I did have some low cramping on Saturday and my CM has increased a bit and become "looser" over the weekend.

We BD on 5th-8th and again on the 10th, I just really am trying to understand when I ovulate to ensure I dont miss my fertile days.

What are your opinions? Please help me understand!