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Mystery O

Today is my fifth consecutive day of fertile cm, though it's much less than yesterday. I got my classic O signs yesterday afternoon, but the lingering cm doesn't rule today out either. Looks like I'll have a mystery O date this cycle! No need to be hysterical*, though. I'll set my test date based on the possibility of today's later O. Aside from dtd tonight (fx), I think I'm in the wait! 

Who's with me? :D I can't wait to see some bfps show up around here in just fourteen short days! 

*Did you know that hysteria was considered a medical condition in the Victorian era? Many doctors referred to it as the "wandering womb" and told women that the clear solution was to have a baby in order to anchor that womb down and keep women from feeling all nervous and moody and sexually frustrated. The vibrator was created as one of the not so terrible medical treatments for hysteria. Things I learned in grad school...

The Wait Begins?

Signs have been logged. Charts have been studied. Hormonal tears have been shed. Now it's time to figure out if I'm in the tww!

Based on my signs, I have either ovulated late yesterday or will ovulate tomorrow. I have identified two possible patterns: some months where I have three days of fertile cm with o occurring on the third day OR I have three days of fertile cm, a seemingly non fertile day, followed by another fertile day that ends up being the O day. The trouble is that I won't have a good idea which for a few more days - so it's a little mini-wait here in Spazzle land. Given that this is my earliest O to date, and I wasn't expecting it until next Monday, my wait has already been cut down tremendously, and it's making this cycle feel like it's flying by!

Down to the specifics:

I'm still drinking FertiliTea, taking prenatals, doing daily exercise (helloooo bikini body!), taking garlic capsules to keep me healthy, and dh is taking fertil aid for men. Not gonna lie, moved into plow pose / shoulder stand after dtd and was on bottom this time so I didn't feel like I was losing everything right away. Totally tmi - i think FA is making dh's semen less thin / slippery and much more like ewcm, super stretchy. Is this a good thing? Seems more abundant, too. Maybe this is just in my head and it's something that I noticed due to my inversion afterwards, lol. Do I sound desperate yet? 

Anyway, at least by the weekend I should feel pretty sure that O has passed. I'm looking at testing on Palm Sunday, which is funny since I gave up opks and hpt testing before 15dpo for Lent. Haha. I just need to have a little faith...

Anyone else starting the wait soon? Are you feeling good about your chances? Baby dust! 

8 cycles ttc - 9 cycles off bcp - cd 13

The endless ewcm vs. leftover swimmers debate continues

Usually I don't have a big issue distinguishing ewcm from leftover seminal fluid, but I'm only cd 10 and I just went to the restroom to discover that the creamy cm I experienced earlier today has been replaced by a bunch of very very stretchy (but not very slippery, and for lack of a better word thick & snotty) cm. It was cloudy not clear, which I get sometimes with ewcm, but it would stretch at least three inches. We dtd yesterday, more than 24 hours ago, and my cm has just been regular creamy since then. What am I supposed to think about this? 

I'm not using opks this cycle (gave them up for Lent) so... should I assume that FertiliTea is bringing my cycle even closer to 28 days and that I may O earlier than expected? I know, I know - always err on the side of caution. I was expecting O cd 16 - 18, though. 

Come to think of it, I even had a weird pain on my left side earlier (like pre-O pain) but I dismissed it, especially since you would feel colon pain on the left side, so I'm always a bit wary of random left side pains. 

I'm feeling really relaxed about this cycle, so I'm more curious than confused right now. I'm not going to panic that we've missed a window or a fertile day or anything. I've really found my peace and per my "having faith" goals I am fine to just read my signs and dtd when it feels right and see how it goes. 

But like Alice, things are looking curiouser and curiouser for me... what do you ladies think? 


P.s. when I say creamy I guess I mean wet with a milky quality, not necessarily creamy like lotion. Haha... yeah I'm probably confusing us all now. 

Thanks as always for your shared wisdom, and baby dust to you! 

Cd 10 already? Clearly I'm becoming a pro at this, lol

I have been so busy I've barely glanced at my charts lately - I even had to check to see what cycle day this is - but arguably at cd 10/31 there isn't much to look at in the way of charts. I'm expecting O between 16 - 18, this weekend or early next week, so I'm definitely looking for Friday already, and not just because of the daunting work week, lol. 

We had a full social schedule this weekend, complete with a visit to our friends who really had to *try* to get theirlittle  girl who is now almost waking. It's so nice to be able to complain about everyone-who-is-pregnant-but-me-book (aka fbook) with someone who gets it but who is also a success story that gives me hope. An aside: seriously though, when I logged into ewipbm-book last night, FIVE girls (2 of whom I know) were photographed in a "pregnancy train" complete with five baby bumps one after another and due dates listed, all about two to three weeks after the girl behind her. It was a torturous pregnancy time lapse effect of six months pregnant to almost due women. All that aside, it was really great to have her insight and support. Also great to have someone who could genuinely say "Ugh... Are you serious???" right along with me in regards to the fbook torture. 

This was my third AF on FertiliTea, and I did NOT have any brown gunk / cm / spotting after AF like I did the other two times. Also, AF was only five days! So I think FT has really done it's job cleaning out my uterus in preparation for a baby, and my hormones feel more balanced than ever! And while I'm on the topic, DH has been taking his FertilAid, and after only a week his sex drive is noticeably higher. I'm thrilled! 

I think that's everything I have to report right now. I don't know where this month has gone, but I'm so ready to speed my way right into Spring and straight to (hopefully) my bfp!

I've been trying to keep up with most of you, but I've been so busy I feel like I'm missing everything, lol. How do you feel about ttc these days? 

Baby dust. 

8 cycles ttc - 9 cycles off bcp - cd 10

Find your happy place

Last month was a ttc low point for me, which I'm referring to as my "7-month slump", but I have a renewed sense of calm and hope as this new cycle gets underway. 

I opened up to one of my closest friends about ttc. I had put it off for a long time bc I hadn't really told anyone - we didn't want the pressure and the questions, and there's always that chance of disapproval, because for some reason we live in a culture of "don't get married until your thirties (or ever), don't have kids until your thirties (or ever), you're wasting your youth, blah blah blah." I am in the camp of make your own life choices, but few are so open minded. Back home (small southern town), I'm "old" to be childless, where most of my former high school classmates have two or three kids already. In the city (still in the South), I'm considered too young to have kids. Like I said, I wasn't up to entering my personal choices into anyone's debate. What's kind of silly about this is I was assuming that my best friend of many many years would look down on me if I told her about ttc, since I know she's someone who doesn't want kids. I forgot that she's not judgmental or awful in any way (why would I be friends with her if she were?). Long story short, I broke down and told her how we've been trying for a while and it isn't going so well and how I was really down about it, and even though she had no experience or advice (which is probably preferable), she made me feel 100% better about it. She sent me some funny gifs and referenced Downton Abbey (when Mary & Matthew thought they were barren but they weren't - and of course she told me to ignore the part about how he died as soon as the baby was born), but she made me laugh, and I really felt so much less "alone". All this time i had thought not telling anyone would make me feel better, but in this case it proved to be the opposite. Idk, just getting it off my chest really made the difference, because who wants to feel like ttc is a secret they have to keep? 

Not sure where I'm going with this, except that I'm excited about this cycle and I've made new peace with ttc. I hope you all can find your happy place and make all this waiting a bit more bearable.

Peace & luck.

8 cycles ttc - 9 cycles off bcp - cd 6 

Silver Linings

Stop the presses: last night my DH asked how my AF was going. Okay, what he actually said was, "How's your stuff going? It seems lighter this time, like it's not affecting you as badly." Did he get sensitivity training behind my back?? Lol.

In all seriousness though, two things were brought to my attention about this. 1) My AF *is* a lot better since FertiliTea! Fewer heavy days, more stable moods, no cramps. Pretty awesome. 2) Ttc has really brought me & dh closer. DH can finally talk about my AF "stuff" without thinking about blood and almost passing out.  Of course he's always been a sweet guy, but I think he's much more in tune with me than he used to be. So maybe this ttc journey has been a blessing in disguise. Maybe the universe gave us extra time to get in tune with each other before we tackle a pregnancy together. Silver linings. ;)

Anyway, I told him how I thought the tea really helped, and that got him even more excited about his FertilAid, which should arrive today. He was asking me all about how many he should take a day and everything. (This, in the middle of our St. Patty's Day drinking. Agh, I love that man.)

How could you lose hope when you realize you already found your soulmate? I know I'm already lucky. 

Baby dust. 

8 cycles ttc - 9 cycles off bcp.- cd 4

Googling myself crazy

Out of the blue decided to Google endometriosis. I have no reason to believe I have this condition, but webMD can convince me I'm dying in less than five minutes on a regular day, and this was no different. What's that you say, Google? Usually it isn't diagnosed until 25 - 35? I'm 26. I begin to panic. Cramps throughout tww? I've been known to have those. Periods lasting 7 days or more? They last six - that's close right? 


Seriously though, idk why I do this to myself. Unnecessary panic. I mean, if I do have it, I guess I'll find out eventually, but why would I even think I have it? Thanks a lot, Google. :/ Haha. 

8 cycles ttc - 9 cycles off bcp - cd 2

Dtd, ovulate, AF. Repeat.

Right on schedule, AF showed up to usher in cycle 8.  All of this feels familiar.  I feel like I'm stuck on repeat.  Guess they don't call it a cycle for nothing.

DH is really getting discouraged. I tell him we haven't been trying that long. I remind him our timing has only been good for the past three cycles. I say don't worry, it will happen. Convincing him there's still hope gives me renewed hope, too, I guess.  This cycle we're going to add FertilAid for men to the mix. Fingers crossed.

This is going to sound really stupid, like "if the girl's on top you can't get pregnant" kind of mythology, but has anyone ever thought gravity made the difference for them? I've read a lot about how gravity has "no" effect on it, that the x's and y's get where they need to go regardless, but I just wonder sometimes if it truly makes no difference.

My fertile window this month looks like it will fall on a weekend FINALLY. I guess that's one thing to look forward to.

Did anyone else fall victim to AF again? 

P.S. If you find my positivity, please send it back to me. I think I lost it somewhere around 12dpo. Haha.

8 cycles ttc - 9 cycles off bcp - cd 1 

Spazzle out...

This is my last post today, promise. Just went to the restroom and had a bunch of watery red fluid when wiping and after. Went ahead and accepted defeat and  put in a soft cup. 

I guess I'll break the news to dh when I get home. I would cry but I'm at work. 

AF has not come early once this whole time. I'm so defeated. I have one more chance this year for a 2014 / before I'm 27 baby. It's just not looking good. 


Hello, cycle 8...

Two Dayyyys

Anyone else feel like AF is like the creepy little girl from The Ring who calls you every single dpo to creepy whisper to you how many days remain until she shows up to kill you? 

I'm sorry I'm filling up the feed with my nonsense, but if I told this stuff to anyone but you guys they would probably start to question my sanity, lol. 

"Two dayyyys." Haha. :/