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Panic! at 8dpo

Okay, not compete panic. An inkling of panic, really. My symptoms seem SO different and promising, but what if it's all just trickery? It won't be the end of the world, but I'll still be bummed. :/ I'm still holding out hope for Sunday!

I'm only days away from a 60-something percent accurate result. Thinking about it makes me want to pass out or throw up - but maybe that's the pregnancy at work! ;) 

Panicked but positive. Is that possible? I reserve the right to be contradictory. Lol.

Oh and the vote I put up to keep me entertained is 18 to 1, YES. If that can't keep me hopeful idk what will! 

I welcome any comments, rants, and distractions. :)

6mo ttc - 7mo off bcp - 8dpo


One Week Wait!

We're down to the ONE WEEK WAIT! :D Who's still hanging onto hope?  I feel like everyone's positivity is waning, so I figured I would spread some sunshine!  I hope we all get our bfps and create a huge tww baby boom, lol. Take a deep breath and smile. You could be mere DAYS away from your bfp! :D

Just for funsies I'm about to post an Am I Pregnant vote. Haven't done that in a few months, but I figure it might help pass the time.

May your spirits be high and your tests be positive! 

6mo ttc - 7mo off bcp - 7dpo 

Deep breath - only six days left!

Do we all just come equipped with a crazy hormone that kicks in when we're ttc?  The logical part of me says be calm, it will happen, there's no hurry. Then it's like my ovaries hijack my emotions and say omg, the clock is ticking, you better start panicking now! My reason and my hormones are definitely at odds today. Deep breath in, woo sah. 

I keep telling myself I could be only six days away from the bfp I've waited six months for. If that's not exciting I don't know what is! :)

This has been a great year so far: DH got a new job with better financial stability, I'm up for a possible promotion / better job. My life is really good. I have my health and I'm the mommy to the sweetest dog in the world,  and one pee stick isn't going to take any of that away. Perspective is everything. 

I hope you're all doing fabulously today! How's the symptom spotting (or lack thereof) going? Still two more months to get a 2014 baby! 

Peace, love, & baby dust. 

6mo ttc - 7mo off bcp - 6dpo

Almost Halfway to My Acceptable Test Day!

I must have been kidding myself on Friday afternoon when I said I would leave TWW and check back in on Monday. I can't help but wonder what's going on with you guys, and heaven forbid I miss someone's surprise bfp! ;) The good news, though, is that as of tomorrow I'll be 6dpo and HALFWAY to testing!

I've had a few bouts of nervousness, but for the most part I'm still feeling pretty good about this wait. In true spaz fashion I will now document my "symptoms", which are probably too early to be a sign of anything except hyper-observant ttc brain:

No sore bb's, no cramps to speak of, no skin breakouts. Normally (and much to my dismay) I cramp and have sore bb's from O until AF. Usually a few days after O my skin goes nuts and I have bumps all over my chin and temples. I currently have one single spot, and it's already disappearing. I'm really happy about all of these things, pregnancy related or not! As for the less exciting changes, I have been experiencing bizarre hip/knee/sciatica type pain on my left side. This is definitely new for me. I also woke up stuffy and sinusy as hell, but it's very manageable and I'm hoping it'll be gone shortly. I usually have a fair amount of creamy cm after O until AF, but it's been consistently sticky or dry since 1dpo. Not sure what, if anything, that means.

I was going to divide these into two categories, one being 'things that are different this cycle' and the other being 'things that are the same.' This wait has been totally different in all the best ways. Pregnancy? FertiliTea magic? Halfway to (possible) confirmation!

I saw on Facebook that another of my friends is pregnant. Can we just change its name to An-Update-of-Everyone-Who-Is-Pregnant-But-You-Book? Haha. I realized I never felt this way to see people getting married, and I think it's because marriage is a thing that you can decide to do as a couple and you know that if you want it to happen it will happen. You can schedule a date and make your plans and BAM, you're married. Totally not the case with baby-making, and thus, the green monster of envy gnaws at me despite my best efforts. I tell myself that my perfect bfp month is forthcoming, and that jealousy is bad for the bean and I have no room for it here. ;) Lol.

Long story short, how is this wait treating you? Anyone else planning to eat their body weight in rotel queso and tortilla chips tonight? ;) Haha.

Peace, love, & baby dust! We're ALMOST there!

Buenos días, my lovelies!

3 dpo WOO! 

I'm not symptom spotting but DH has been symptom spotting for me, lol. I gave him a brief explanation of why logically it's too early to tell, but I guess he thinks he has a sixth sense about these things. Hehe. So far I am experiencing: increased urination and increased (read: omg I want to eat everything in sight, even chocolate and I'm not a sweets person) hunger. Surely a coincidence? 

How is everyone feeling so far?

To use DH's old joke, I hope his boys "michael phelpsed that sh*t" this cycle, lol. I'm still feeling good about this! 

I love hearing your updates! Fingers X. 


It's so hard to have an appropriate response to the "so when are you guys gonna have kids" questions! Even if I convince them it's nbd in my mind I'm screaming "I'm 2dpo!!!" Lol. 

DH is suddenly peppering me with questions and symptom spotting. He's asked me if everything is a sign. Lol. It's weird but exciting! 

Nothing much to tell, just rambling. 

Peace & luck! 

If you're happy and you know it

SMILE! You might be (almost) pregnant! 

I'm two days into this sixth tww and feeling fabulous. Maybe I can blame the tea? No cramps, no crappy skin, no sore bbs (but they do look great!), and all of that is exciting because nothing is worse than two weeks of hormone misery just to see AF. 

How's it going for you today? 

Yayyy Another TWW Begins!

Here I am again, 1dpo, but this is the first month I'm loving our chances (maybe a little too much). I'm just downright giddy today, and I can't stop planning for a late-October baby. I know, I know... Talk about counting chickens... haha. I've picked out some cute tankinis for the summer and picked out a color for the empty room in our house that will be our nursery one day. Go ahead, tell me I'm crazy. Lol. I just finally feel like this might be the month! Just maybe...

I think the hardest part about this tww is not telling everyone I know that I'm 1 dpo and loving my chances and waiting to test. We've kept our ttc hush-hush for the most part so I don't have anyone to talk with except DH - and I feel guilty talking with him about it bc I don't want to get his hopes up for nothing. Also it's not exactly something you tweet about or anything, lol. 

To pass the time I'm going to read a few new books, work on my current novel (I'm an author), and focus on my workouts. I'm hopefully going to stop looking at my chart (I've been admiring it all day. Such excellent timing!). I probably need to stop stalking this site and plotting my possible pregnancy; easier said than done.

idk, I just feel like the universe is sending me so many signs! When we started ttc I kept thinking October would be our month (idk why) but I assumed it meant conceiving in Oct - what if it's a baby in October! Then there's a baby name significance with Valentine, and AF is due right before V-day! It's just all too much. So I'll count my chickens and smile. If I end up with none what have I really lost? There's always next time. ;)

How are you weathering this wait?

May your beans be sticky and your symptoms be for real this time. ;)

6mo ttc - 7mo off bcp - 1dpo WOO!

Opk Interpretation w/ Pics! 1dpo?

Even though my FF app seems to think I will O today, I'm fairly certain I o'd yesterday (see previous post for full details). I think testing in the AM caused me to miss the beginning of my LH spike on cd 15 PM. Anyway, I have stitched together the pics of each morning's opks. I don't have a pic of the one from last night but it was very faint like the first three. Safe to say I am right and o'd on cd 16 in the afternoon?

If so, this afternoon I'll be 1 dpo! :D Super excited to start this wait! Who's with me?

How do you feel about this cycle?

To take a break from my self -absorbed and highly obsessive opk posts, I figured I would catch up with everyone and see what you ladies are doing differently this cycle in search of that elusive bfp!

What's new? What's tried and no longer used? How are you feeling about your chances this cycle? It's great to see how much we've learned and how far we've come through this journey. 

This cycle I am trying: FertiliTea (amazing), opks, and DH is so enthusiastic about working on our timing so we've been dtd a lot more! It's been fantastic for our intimacy in general. I'm happier than I've been during this whole process and I finally feel like this might be our month, which I've never thought before! 

I wish you all peace and luck! 

6mo ttc - 7mo off bcp - cd 16 - I think I o'd today!