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Opk Interpretation

There's clearly a learning curve with these non- digital opks! 

I had an opk result this morning (pictured on previous post) that looked a hair away from positive. I have been testing with fmu, but I decided to test after work today after holding my pee and withholding extra fluids for three hours and got a much much lighter result (like days prior). I've had ewcm for three days. I had SEVERE ovulation pain around 3pm today. Here's my hypothesis:

I think from what I've read that by testing in the AM I missed my LH spike that would've occurred yesterday afternoon, which still showed this morning, but has since dipped and explains why I think I ovulated this afternoon. 


We dtd last night and we're going to dtd tonight too, so the bases are covered. I'm interested in tomorrow morning's opk result for reassurance that O isn't still forthcoming.

I appreciate your response!  

is this positive or just almost?

I feel like I'll never get a positive on any test I have to pee on... lol.
I've attached the pic of my opk from this morning. I've been using fmu bc the box said it was fine, and let's be honest I drink way too many fluids during the day to hold it for four hours. Anyway this is definitely the darkest one I've had, but is it positive? Also, can you get more than one day of positive opks?
We're dtd regularly during this time anyway, but a positive would be nice! I've had ewcm for the past two days. I'm cd16, and without FertiliTea I usually O on cd18. Does it look like I'm maybe just one day away from my true spike?
Thanks for your time, ladies ;)

Holy CM! Happy dance!

It's fertile cm galore for me today! Slippery, watery, and (tmi) constantly pouring out of me like someone turned on the cm faucet. Despite this morning's negative opk I'm pretty excited! Can't wait to dtd later. :) I feel like I have FertiliTea to thank for this! 

With the great cm, the extra support and enthusiasm from DH, the tea, and the opks, I REALLY think this could be our cycle! In six cycles I have never said that, so here's to hoping! 


Anyone else loving their chances this cycle? 

6mo ttc - 7mo off bcp - cd15

Fertile Cm, Negative opk

I'm brand new to the opk game, so I'm trying to put together the pieces of this cycle's ovulation puzzle. 

I'm cd14, approximately 4 days from my usual O but I've been drinking FertiliTea so I'm using opk to make sure I don't miss an earlier O. I had a negative opk this morning, but I just got very clear ewcm! I'll dtd anyway but I'd like to run through my logic here to see if veteran opk users agree. 

The opk will only tell me I'm about to O within 24-48 hours, but most women have about four fertile days per cycle, so even before I get a positive opk I could be fertile, right? 

Also, i had one of my classic pre-o signs last night: a left side pain when I pee. Though charting I found I get this right around O. But then that would be odd that I didn't get a positive? 

I've been using fmu (after 8am which the test box said was fine), but I'm tempted to take another around 6pm to see if I get the same result. I'm still so curious about these opk. I hope they aren't a bust!

Any thoughts? 

Peace, luck, and baby dust! 

6mo ttc - 7mo off bcp - cd14 + ewcm!

Change of plans?

"Do you think we'll ever get pregnant?"
This is the question my husband asked me last night before bed. There was such sincerity in his voice it broke my heart, but I found it touching at the same time. He had just finished telling me about a dream he had a few nights ago that we had a baby boy and that he was perfect and we couldn't get around in the grocery store without people stopping us to tell us how beautiful he was. And then there was a part about how I had the baby in a sling and he kept thinking I was gonna drop it - lol - but other than that it was really sweet.
I had planned this month to be ntnp because all previous months when I charted and planned, the hubs would suddenly not be in the mood or something and at best we were getting one well-timed dtd per cycle, and I was frustrated and exhausted with worrying about coordinating when we should have sex with when he wanted to have sex. I've been content to forget my charts and drink my FertiliTea and come what may. Now he's all affectionate and asking which days this month would be best, and it's not too late, really. I'm cd12, and without the tea I o between cd18-20, though with tea may be earlier. But still, there's time to change my mind and get back to ttc!
I'm contemplating buying the opk with the smiley faces. What do you guys think? Waste of money? I don't want to miss anything this time given how involved dh wants to be now. I don't have fertile cm yet. Should I start testing then?
I'm SO excited about this new team effort with getting the timing right. And I'm excited about all the extra dtd. :)
I'd love any wisdom regarding opk as well as any happy thoughts. Obviously if the cheapie dollar opk are just as good as the smiley face ones, someone let me know! ;)
My best to all of you.

6mo ttc - 7mo off bcp - cd12

FertiliTea Observations & Questions

I know, I know - at this point I'm sure everyone is thinking stop posting about the tea, Spazzle! Lol. I am hoping for some insight, though, which you ladies are usually quick to offer! :)

AF ended a few days ago, but then a day after she was gone I started getting brown cm / spotting. This morning when I checked near my cervix I found tons of brown cm! Normal consistency, no odor, but still it is bizarre. I'm suspecting a few different causes: perhaps the tea caused my whole system to clean itself, hence the brown is just old blood. Or perhaps I am dealing with unrelated vaginosis, which I've had before with no odor or anything. Just in case I treated with a diluted Apple cider vinegar solution that will restore proper ph to the vagina. (This has always worked for me before.) Anyone have any thoughts on the brown spotting / cm? Obviously if it's a persistent problem I may have to discontinue the tea, but I'm hopeful it's not a big thing. 

Other things that I think can be attributed to the tea:

- my libido is crazy high to the point I have sex dreams almost every night (weird!) and have even orgasmed in my sleep a few times (which has happened to me before but never with such frequency! This is the best my sex drive has been since going on the pill eight years ago. 

- My period was one day shorter! For whatever reason it's been 6 - 7 days lately, but this one wrapped up in 5! I'm hoping this is a sign my whole cycle might be shorter. Usually it's 33 - 35, but closer to 28 would be nice! This might also explain the brown stuff...

- My vagina feels generally more lubricated. Not like it was an issue before, but the extra cm is nice! Especially since I'm not charting - in that case the extra cm may drive me crazy. Hopefully it's less hostile this month (lol, just a little ttc humor).

I'll keep you guys updated on the tea results! Also if any of you have experience with it I welcome your comments. 

As always, my best to all of you! Wherever you are in your journey, I hope this finds you well. 


6mo ttc - 7mo off bcp - currently ntnp on a break

Drinking wine, thinking of you ladies

I'm past AF and thoroughly enjoying my ttc hiatus. FertiliTea is going great - it is yummy and my libido is crazy high. I'm not charting, but I've been checking in to keep up with some of you ladies I've come to know the past few months,  and I realized how many of them aren't here anymore because they've gotten their bfps. That makes me feel really hopeful for the rest of us! It won't be long, and why not enjoy the ride?  (No pun intended, lol.)

Still sending my luck to everyone fighting the good fight!

Tea time!

My FertiliTea (and new tea infuser spoon) arrived today! A belated birthday present to myself and a consolation gift since AF came. I'm enjoying my first cup - it's pretty yummy, but I probably could've let it steep longer than 5 minutes. That is how I feel about most teas though; just a personal preference. 

This is my ntnp cycle, and I love it already. I have enough tea for one month,  I'm on my last soft cup, and I had a dream last cycle that I was trying to buy period supplies and could only find one single box of them at the store. All signs point to this being my last AF for a while - you know, if you get all into the universe giving you signs like that. ;) 



Hello, AF. We meet again.

After two days of weird spotting, AF has finally made her grand appearance to usher in cd1, leaving behind a 34-day cycle that was two days longer than I expected. Goodbye charts, hello ntnp / ttc hiatus. My next cycle,  as I feared, is due on Valentine's Day. I'm ready to order some FertiliTea and forget about the rest. 

This cycle, like the others, came with its own set of symptoms designed to drive me crazyn and make me feel foolish when i have confirmation that none is related to pregnancy. Some cycle that will change, but I'm ready for this break.

I wish you all peace and positivity. :)

6mo ttc - 7mo off bcp - breathing a sigh of relief

Headed to cd35, confused

Well, here I am again, and I was sure I would see AF yesterday. If not yesterday then definitely today. I was so sure I o'd on cd18 - my chart looks EXACTLY like my previous month chart down to the details, and it was a 32-day cycle. I won't bore you with the details, but this should have been the same. I had some very very minor spotting yesterday and today, but it's all but stopped since about 10am. I'm so confused. I have had some cycles that were 35 days, but I can always count them exactly 14 days from O. Needless to say, I'm confused. 

I tested bfn at 10dpo and resigned myself to the understanding that this wasn't my month. Many of you know my story about where I am with ttc right now. Why won't AF just come put me out of my misery and let me start my cycle "off"? Is it because I'm - dare I say it - pregnant? 

We'll see what tomorrow brings. Cd35 of cycle 5 or cd1 of cycle 6... 

My birthday is Wednesday. Ugh so many emotions right now. I can't wrap my head around everything I've been through these past few weeks. If nothing tomorrow, i suppose I'll test Tuesday. 

Think happy thoughts for me!