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Symptoms at 5dp5dt??

Hi ladies,

I'm hoping you can all help me out if you have been doing IVF like I have. This was my first cycle of IVF (I'm 28 and have been diagnosed with endometriosis). Everything I read online seems to say that when you do a 5 day blastocyst transfer, the embryo implants about 2-5 days after the transfer. I am currently 4 dp5dt (we transfered one 5AA blastocyst) and i havent felt any symptoms. In fact, I didnt even get the cramping from the transfer that the doctor said i was supposed to have. I have lost weight from the progesterone shots and i havent been bloated at all. Everyone who gets a BFP from IVF seems to say that they had "period like symptoms." I have none of these except occasional shooting pains in my underarms/side of breasts (possibly from progesterone in oil shots I am taking?) and major hot flashes (definietely from progesterone?

Is it safe to say I'm out this month? What were your symptoms after transfer leading up to a BFP or BFN??



Age 26/ Hubby 28

2 failed clomid IUIs/ 3 failed femara IUIs

First IVF 09/2017



so I started taking Vitex this cycle to regulate my progesterone which I haven't been told by a doctor is low but I thought so given my low, fluctuating temps, irritability, insomnia, etc. my cycle is typically 30-32 days and I ovulate around day 17. This month I didn't track ovulation but I think I ovulated on feb 13 Given my symptoms. his week I started getting weird symptoms almost like preg symptoms such as stomach twinges, leukkhorea, intense stomach cramping and uterine contractions, headaches, joint aches, fatigue and insomnia at random hours and breast pain mostly on the sides. Then today, in CD 26 all the symptoms seemed to disappear and all I have now are stomach cramps like AF. I'm assuming I'm getting AF tomorrow or the following day but does Vitex really give you random preg symptoms right after ovulation? Is it because of increase in progesterone?? Please help!