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I'm not symptom spotting until I get af because I keep telling myself I'm not pregnant, that I can't get pregnant, especially just coming off birth control. Despite the dream of me holding a positive pregnancy test and I'm utterly exhausted today even after a cup of coffee. Af due in 9 days, ovulation predicted 6 days ago, unprotected sex 7 days ago. 

Okay maybe not about pregnancy

this post isn't really about whether I'm pregnant or not but it's a question about my menstrual cycle, or lack there of. Every so often, it seems like once a month, I get very hormoral and emotional but I don't get cramps or bleeding or anything like that. It's just all hormones. Like I get super cranky, really irritable and i cry a lot. I'm not having my period like I should be after stopping bcp at the beginning of the year. The last time I had it was when I went to the dr and she put me on a pill for 10 days to make me have a period. That was May. I haven't had it since. Didnt know if anybody has any opinions or anything about a hormone period but not a physical one. Thanks. 

All opinions welcome!

Started taking BCP at a young age for irregular periods. Took my last pill around the end of December, had my 5 days withdrawel bleed Janurary 3rd and my first regular 5 day period February 5th. I've yet to have another period since. The boyfriend and I haven't been using any other kind of protection since then. And we've done the deed on February 18th and April 19th. I have a doctors appointment coming up on May 2nd so I will know then for sure what's going on with mo periods. I have taken pregnancy tests but they've all come up negative. 

Something weird is happening

so today as I was getting ready for work I felt this odd sensation in my uterin area. It was like cramping but it wasn't painful, I could just feel it. Occasionally it'd go out to rught inside my hip bones then it be back in the lower part of my abdomen. It wasn't consistent or distracting really, only felt it when I wasn't moving. I just didn't know if anybody had any ideas to it or not. No af since feb 5 period. Bd'd day before O I believe. multiple bfns on hpts. No blood test yet


Came off bcp in early Jan, had af on time and again feb 3. bd'd with bf day before o in feb. No March af, one app says af was due April 1 other says April 8, tomorrow. No af symptoms As of yet but continued bfn. Decides if af doesn't show by 15th I'm going to the docs. Could be just my body adjusting to coming off the pill. I'll find out soon. 

Potty break

I woke up this morning around 7:30ish and I swear I have peed like 8 times since the first time I went to the bathroom. I feel like I have drunk bladder, where you feel like you have to pee a lot when drinking alcohol. But like it's not just a little bit that I'm letting out its quite a bit.

hoping for a BFP tomorrow instead of the bfns that I've been getting

Can't sleep

it is not yet confirmed that I am pregnant but the past two nights I have not been able to sleep. And when I lay down to go to sleep I can't because I'm burning up. Yes it's warm out but that shouldnt be affecting me right now. I use a certain blanket in the summer and I had to get it out already. And I'm down to a cami and underwear. I should not be hot. Time to change to Cotten sheets or something other than these flannel. Ugh. And then I wake up with the sun every day and I'm not a morning person yet. 


For those Grey's Anatomy fans, I'm sure you'll get a kick out of this. 

So the other night I had a dream. I was a resident working under Addison Montgomery-Shepard.There was pink everywhere, including me being in pink scrubs. These two woman came in, I think they were mother and daughter, and they both needed pelvic exames for what seemed to be a STI. Which Dr. Addison confirmed and they mother got super angry. The daughter got up and raced for the door, while the mother says "so much for helping each other out" and I remember looking at the younger woman by the door saying "Why are you smiling? She's gonna kill you when you get home." And the door opened and the dream ended because I woke up.


I think there are trolls on this website. They won't even read the stories on am I pregnant, they'll just hit no to hurt you. I know some people who would do that if they knew about this site so all I can say is take everything lightly on this site because some people take joy in preying on the hopeful

Random thoughts

Veins in upper body are more prominent, nipple color is different, tightness in lower abdomnal area when reaching up or stretching, breaking out like crazy