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This week would be my regular period - however, i haven't been bleeding, at least not red blood! Nor have I needed feminine products. When I wipe after urination, its brown! What the what?! Last week I had slimy mucus that had some brown color to it... WHAT IS GOING ON!? This wouldn't be "implantation" would it?..since its been continuous..for several days..? Anyone have any helpful knowledge? Similar experience?

Prenatal Vitamins & ttc..


So a month ago I started taking prenatal vitamins since my husband and I started actively trying. For awhile we were just doing our thing, the whole..”if it happens, it happens”..

Anyways. I remember for my pregnancy with my daughter, the prenatal constipated me! So of course, I’ve made sure I drink lots of water and eat a lot of fruits, all the normal things to help me “go”..

Nothing worked. Then suddenly, I was having small bowel movements then having diarrhea. 

I don’t know if my body is starting to have a reaction to them? Or if change of hormones? What kind of reaction did you get if you took prenatal vitamins while TTC?

HPT Question

Saturday I took a HPT. It appeared negative. I was also half asleep and didn't stick around to verify. I went back to bed and hour later got up and saw test was VERY positive!

After much googling and getting mixed responses.. some sworn it was evaporation line, however MANY saying theirs turned out indeed positive! 

So of course I had to retest. Yesterday morning I attempted again. This time it appeared negative..but the control was very faint? So now I'm wondering if the test was a dud? I compared the two tests and negative line is much more faint than 1st test..

opinions? Anyone else have same/similar exprerience? 

Whoa Vagina

So this month has been.. all over the place!

My "period" was September 28th - October 9th..(Which was on a Sunday) I wouldn't even call it a period. I mean, it was around my usual time to start and lasted about the same length. But it was spotting the entire time. I think I used a tampon once, it even that was a waste. There was only blood when I wiped and was only enough to barely tell there was discoloration.
Exactly a week later after my period stopped, Sunday October 16th I peed first thing in the morning - there was blood, just a spot. I panicked, put in a tampon, nothing..that tampon was empty and there was no blood remainder of day. Did the same thing Monday and Tuesday. Saturday the 22nd it started again, only did it once and was only when wiping. Sunday, same. Yesterday..same..kind of, still only there when I wipe but seems to be more when I wipe - its a bright red, looks like watered down red Koolaid.
I had the usual cramping - Which has been going the entire month. For two weeks i've been SO exhausted. Constant headache. And breasts ache just sitting here - my bra was killing them this morning! I gagged at the smell of dinner last night. I got choked up watching a pregnancy annoucement on Facebook Sunday morning.


So please, someone help me riddle my snatch's mind games!

Weight & Conception

My doctor told me my weight might be part of the issue with hubs & I struggling to conceive. I'm 215lbs - heaviest i've ever been. I want to in general lose weight but also since my doctor tells me it could be the set back. However, I work 50+ hrs a week... When i get home, its enough to cook/eat/homework/baths/bed - repeat!
 I feel like the more I "try" to lose weight, the more I gain.


Anyways, I know there have been women heavier than myself who've conceived.. So, I'm not sure how I feel about my doctor saying I'm too overweight.

Anyone been in similiar boat? If so, did you lose weight... Did it help? Or, did you conceive just as beautiful and scrumptious as you already were?!



Do positions really matter when TTC? Or is it the after math and elevating, not cleaing/urinating right after and letting it linger what really matters?


Hubs and I thoroughly enjoy when I'm on top. So once the fun is had, I roll off and try to lay there.
So, should we be trying old school more?

Symptom Tracking: No AF/BFN

I posted on Wednesday in the "Am I pregnant?" Section - Meant to do a blog post. Oops!
Period was due 7/18.. Today is the 25th, week late = no signs of AF.. Tested yesterday: Negative.

Tracking symptoms..
1. Late/Missed period: Currently 1 week late
2. Breast tenderness: Sometimes nipples, sometimes senitive to touch, sometimes just aches sitting here
3. Nausea: Usually in the vomitting..Sometimes disappears w/food?
4. Fatigue.. This ones iffy, i work long hours? (Sat 7/23: I caught myself napping on the car ride home from our day trip, an hour & half ride and couldn't keep my eyes open..Not like me! Mon 7/25: Tired all day..Slept good previous night, - Asleep by 7pm on couch, couldn't hold my eyes open, went to bed at 830pm slept til 4am - Currently at work still feeling tired!)

5. Abdominal cramps: Nothing major, not strong/lengthy like AF cramps.. More like pressure/Discomfort *Also never been much of a cramper
6. Lower back pain: Definitely new! Not consistent, comes and goes.
7. Discharge: Clear/sticky/stringy like 
8. Headaches: Mild, just aches/pressure, like the feeling you get when you can tell you're getting a headache (I get frequent headaches, but lately they're not turning into a full flegded headache..Make sense?)

^^All above symptoms I've been experiencing for 2+ weeks^^
vv Below symptoms are newer, on & off vv

9. Constipation & Diarrhea: I don't have regular BM's..Every other day or so. Last two weeks or so I can tell I need to go, but can't. Then Saturday night I had diarrhea, took Pepto and was alright remainder of night. Started again Sunday. Sunday took more Pepto, had like gas bubbles in my belly - Just kept "moving" and giving me the feeling it was going to be upset..Went to bathroom = was lots and lots of gas. *Not eating anything out of the ordinary!
10. Frequent Urnantion: I thought it was just during the day at work because I drink a lot of water. Nope, drinking other beverages during weekend and constantly peeing!
11. Lightheaded/Dizziness: More lightheaded. Not often, just some spells.
P.S..(TMI) Last three BM's haven't been, uh - "good ones", and seems, darker? Super gross, sorry, but what's up with that!?

Updating as things keep going/Noticing new symptoms! Tracking for personal use?
However, anyone with similiar experiences are welcome to give their feedback.

Pregnancy Test Results..
#1 on 7/14 *Been experience symptoms for a week, 4 days before expected period* NEG.
#2 on 7/20 *Still symptoms, AF 2 days late* NEG.
#3 on 7/24 *Still symptoms, AF 6 days late* NEG.
..Doctors appointment on Friday 7/29 for blood test, AF will be 11 days late..

 7/26/16.. Late afternoon bathroom break noticed "spotting"..Nothing heavy, very light pink - Was like this for following two bathroom visits, remainder of day/night NOTHING! Was super upset that AF was coming..What in the world!? Still watching for AF :/


Prenatals & TTC?

I keep reading it is suggested to take Prenatal Vitamins while TTC.
Anyone start taking them and think it *helped* their fertility/aid in conceiving? Maybe I am crazy for asking.. So forgive me if that's an awful question!