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Do my eyes deceive me?

GUYS is this a BFP????? DH went to go get FRER, but what do y'all think?? 


My fertility Specialist has ordered Clomid and an HSG to see what's up. DH had a SA that has so far been above average. We are still waiting on the morphology and the antibody results, But my eggs look fine. She is slightly worried that I am ovulating later than I should. I normally O on CD 18 and I have a 31 cycle. She is hopeful that the Clomid will make me O earlier and give me a higher chance of getting our BFP. She wants to do the HSG next cycle, but we will be on vacation. My question is has anyone taken Clomid to help with O in this way. I normally hear of it with people who don't ovulate at all. This is our 13th cycle, so we are ready for our family to grow!! 


I am wanting to get healthy to hopefully boost our chances of getting pregnant. does anyone recommend a good probiotic to take while ttc that is also recommended while pregnant? I take EPO until O, Vitamin C and also my prenatal. This is our 11th cycle and I am in my TWW. We see a different doctor next month and are really wanting to get to the problem. DH also takes FertilAid although he has never been tested.

Charting question

Is it weird that my temps are so low? I have an obvious shift after O, but they haven't gotten above 97.5? 

Sick or something else?

I am CD 15 right now, and all temps have been low. AF was nothing too crazy and not as heavy as it typically is. I have been sick on and off for the past 2 weeks with sinus issues and now stomache and nausea issues. People at work are getting in my head telling me I may be pregnant, but I need  yall to put some sense in me that I'm not. CP is high and soft and I have had a TON of EWCM. Like more than I ever had before. I've been taking a steroid for my sinuses and singulair and thinking that may be why I'm so skiddish? My BP has moments where it spikes too. 

Can't believe this is my 10th cycle

Here I am going into my 10th month TTC, and it never gets easier. I started temping my 5th or 6th cycle and also did OPKs. Last month, I quit everything. I needed a break. I even quit taking B6 and Evening Primrose Oil. My AF showed 3 days late and took me on an additional roller coaster ride. I think if I had been temping I would have known it was probably just a late O. I'm jumping back into BBT, but idk if I should also take Evening Primrose Oil. I did notice lack of CM this cycle. I am not going to do OPKs because I think it screws up FF. 


Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do, if anything different? Really focusing on supplements and if I should take them. It's not quite a year yet, and my OBGYN suggested already that I see a fertility specialist. She didn't do any tests or anything herself. 

Like anyone else, I'm just frustrated and sad. I really don't know what to do. 

Could I be?!?!

i am a day late and had a .1 temp rise. I didn't temp the 2 days before AF was due because I went tent camping with family. I have had minor cramping, headaches, and higher sex drive... what do y'all think?? I had negative tests yesterday and this morning... 

Bad Acne and TTC.. HELP!

hey all, I am currently in my 2WW during my 8th (I think) cycle TTC. My acne is SO bad!! I have always had minor acne on my face and back (thanks for the horrible genetics dad) and now it is unmanageable! I am absolutely miserable. I have them on my face, my chest, and my back!! Has anyone else dealt with a similar issue?! Not only do I have to deal with the struggles and challenges that come with TTC, but now I look like a young girl going through puberty. Any help/guidance would be appreciated!!! 

8th cycle TTC CD4 and Endometriosis

We are now in our 8th cycle TTC and we went to my doctor today because of my heavy and painful periods continuing to get worse. My gyno told me she would treat me and see if I truly do have endometriosis but would not be able to help with fertility. I was diagnosed when I was 15 but there is no evidence in my chart and my MD thinks the doctor at the time just guessed that I had it. She told me that in order to conceive though she would refer me to a fertility specialist. I am not sure I am ready for that yet. I think we will try  give it a few more months. My doctor told me that my heavy and sometimes painful periods could be a sign of endo, but that since my cycles are normal and I am ovulating, I should have nothing to worry about. Does anyone have any success stories with something like this? 

10 DPO and advice needed

Today is 10DPO and my temp is gradually dropping. I had a BFN today. What do you all think--is there any hope? This is our 7th cycle TTC. We have decided if this is not it then we are calling my doctor. Honestly if she won't see me since it hasnt been a year, I will find a doctor who will. What are y'all thoughts on that too? When ahould my DH be checked? I just really need advice right now....