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5 or 7 DPO

Well today I am either 5 or 7 DPO. I am not exactly sure because I didn't sleep  well and kept waking up during the day FF decided I O'd and if I discard it it says I O'd on CD 15. I have decided to go to the doctor if this isn't our month. I just need to know everything is okay. This will be cycle 7 for us, and it has been very challenging. We are going away this weekend, and I am on the fence about temping. My SIL conce during their 7 month trying. I am praying that is the same for us, but more importantly God's will and a healthy baby. My temps are lower this month past O than they were last month. I am praying that is okay.. all of my OPKs since CD15 have been negative. Today is the only day I haven't taken one since. 

Chart obsessed

So, since I missed O last month, I am wondering what you ladies think about my chart? even when I take my OPKs out, FF says I still O'd on Friday. My low temp yesterday could be because I woke up a lot that night (my dog wouldn't shut up!) do you all think I should rely that O was Friday? If so it is earlier than last month which is good because I have been taking B6 to lengthen LP! I have been more relaxed this cycle. Hoping it helps!!! 


We are going into our 7 month of trying, and I am wondering how you all stay positive through this? My emotions are truly like a rollercoaster, and I can't keep them together. I want to "relax and let it happen" but how is this possible when we want a baby so bad?! It's hard to stay distra when everything we do comes back to wanting to have a baby. 


Any advice?? 


My BBT has gone up consistently for the past few days. I JUST got off my period, and I have a negative OPK test this morning. Do you think my temp rise is just a fluke? I know I know I shouldn't read into everything, but I can't help it. I have also started taking B6 this month and I have read that it can move ovulation up, but surely not this much! 

LP defect

After my LP Cycle this month being only 9 days, I have examined the past few months and have realized that I think I might have a LP defect. If I start taking B6 and Vitex without consulting my doctor, do you think it could cause any problems? 

I think I already know...

I think I already know the answer to this, but does my two temp drops indicate that AF is on her way? I was pretty sure this cycle wouldn't be successful because I missed ovulation by 2 days, but I was holding out hope. I think that next cycle I am only going to temp until ovulation is confirmed. I am obsessing and it does me no good to lose my mind over something that I don't have any control over at that point. 


So today I am 5DPO (I think) and my cervix is SO high!!! this has never happened to me so far in my cycle... is this a good sign? I have also had bad backaches and my legs are sore like AF. My nippes are also sensitive... hoping this is a good sign! 

Temp spike?!

Okay so there has been speculation if i have O'd this month. before I  thought I did on CD 15, but now I think I did on CD 12? I didn't get a positive OPK until CD 14  (I had a positive one for 2 days) though. Today my temp has jumped up! It would be 9 DPO and I had a BFN and a neg OPK as well.... could it be that this is our month or am I just totally confused?! 


hey ladies, I am 5 DPO... does anyone know if it is normal for my temp to fluctuate like it is? we have said that February is our month! We had the perfect week (BD for at least 7 days straight... we did 9!), and I received a long awaited promotion at work. What will make this super perfect is being blessed  with a precious baby! Thank you for your help! 

Did I just mess us up??

So, after 5 months of TTC and 2 of taking OPKs, I saw my very first SUPER positive OPK two days ago and yesterday. We have BD'd the past 7 days consecutively, and now I am worried we messed us up. We use water-friendly lube this morning, but just a little and DH didn't finish. Did this just ruin our chances this cycle?? We didnt think about it until after. I have read where people say to only use sperm-friendly lube, but I would think we are okay since this is the first we have used it for months. Thoughts?!!! Please reply because I am trying not to worry too bad!!