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Annoying BBT Lady

I am pretty sure I am the annoying girl on the forum. I am new to BBT this cycle, so I am learning as I go. Earlier this week, my OPKs looked positive to me and my temp spiked. Come to find out it was because I had slept in over the weekend and I didn't realize it could have that great of an impact. 4 days later and I think I have O'd. I had a slight temp dip followed by a spike. My OPKs are what confuse me. This morning, it looks positive. If I reallu did O it's a lot earlier than normal. Can wo stress cause that. 



Oh boy, the obstacles of wanting a baby! (I can't imagine what its like going through testing, IUIs, and IVFs! My heart goes out to all of the ladies dealing with that.) 

CD 10 and already ovulated??

Ladies, I am super confused. I started tracking BBT this cycle, and it has jumped drastically the past few days. It was 96.8 Thursday and Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday it jumped to 97.3! Could that be due to the fact that I slept in 3 hours extra over the weekend?! Also, I took an OPK this morning (I do the SPEM) and it seems like it could be that I ovulated early?? Advice please!! Luckily we BD last night and two days prior!! But I do not have EWCM. I am puzzled!! 

BBT Chart Newbie

So AF will leave today, but my temp dropped this morning with it? I was late in the game and only charted the past two days. Today, it is 96.8? I took it twice because I was like that has to be wrong.. is this notmal?? 

Success stories with heavy periods

Hey ladies! I am just wondering if any of you have any TTC success stories with heavy periods? I am going into TTC cycle 6 and google is my worst enemy. My periods are like clockwork, but have ALWAYS been super heavy. I have to use the super plus tampons the first 2 days (sorry if TMI) and super the rest of my period. I have read that it can be due to an imbalance that causes the endometrium to become thicker too quickly. I have also read that a supplement called vitex helps. Any success stories related to this?? Thanks! 

Evap line?

Ladies I am at 12 DPO and I think I got my first evap line and it sucks. is this what is considered an evap line?? I am going to take a test every morning until my AF shows up (yes, I am that person). Last night I went to bed like 2 hours early so tired! I was hoping baby Hudson was causing it, but now it could just be because it was a Monday. Thoughts?  let me know if you can't see the pic! I've had problems with it. 

Tell me I am crazy

Hey ladies! So I am not for sure when I ovulated because I received (I think) 5 consecutive positive ovulation tests. this is my first month doing OPKs so I may not be reading them right.  I am about 7 DPO from what my app says, but my other one says i probably O'd on Monday. i was sick Sunday-Tuesday with a nasty bug, so needless to say we didn't BD then. for the past 2 days I have woken up with my legs aching like I ran a marathon, which I sometimes get a day before AF, And yesterday I had a weird tingly feeling beside my belly button on the left side. I've been super gassy too. no spotting though. my lower back has also been hurting and I have had mild insomnia with super vivid dreams all week. Am I imagining these symptoms or could they mean my baby has finally been made?!?! Or possibly side effects from my bug? Any thoughts? 

2WW buddy?

It'a time for the dreaded wait! I think I ovulated either Thursday or Friday (It's hard to tell because I got a positive OPK Wednesday-Friday.) Anyone out there in the same time frame? Me and my DH are super confident this cycle!!! Praying for a BFP, but most importantly God's will! 

Positive OPK 2 days

hey all! I had a negative O yesterday morning, a positive OPK last night, and anot positive today! My cervical positi was about medium and soft! DH and I BD'd for the past two nights and will tonight too. we both felt like last night was the night! My question is, how long after the positive OPK is the right time to BD? 


My OPk this morning was negative, but I have had some ovulation pain. is this normal? my test two days ago came back as what I thought was negative, but my sister in law thinks it was positive. the test line wasn't as dark as the control. any advice on this? 


hey ladies!


i have been TTC for 6 mo now with my DH. after months of painful BFN, we have decided to use ovulation predictor kits as well as preseed in our SMEP... any tips on this?! Thanks in advance!!!