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anyone else??

I just started my TWW today.

Was looking for a buddie to wait with me!

Ive been TTC for over two years now with one misscarage about 5 months ago now. I have a very good feeling about this month cause ive found ovulation this cycle (which is uncomon for me due to irregular cycles) and super excited!!!

anyone else?

Hi there, I have been TTC for two years now, have had one early misscarage.

I have very irregular cycles which I take homones monthly to create a period to move on to the next month of trying. I have a very hard time finding my ovulation via pee sticks (not to mention tons of money) and CM. When I do find ovulation its around CD 23.

My SO and I have recently took a 6 month break from "trying" but have continued to have unprotected sex. Everyone always tells me your trying to hard, your thinking to much about it, your stressing, blah blah the list goes on. Well during that 6 month break we did get pregnant but the way I found out was due to having the was early but still fustrating and sad.

Now this month my SO and I have decided to start trying again. I didnt want to buy the ovulation test yet so we are just BD every three days.

Yesterday (after a non pentration orgasam, dont know if this is related) I had some pink/white discharge when I wiped. I am on CD19. What im wanting to know is if anyone else has had somehting like this happen or people opintions. I googled it and it led me to think that this may have been ovulation bleeding or after ovulation bleeding.

Any thoughts???


advice please!

 I got my positive opk on 2/ on 2/10 I had bad cramping, ovary pain and lower back pains while walking around target that lasted what seemed like 10 mins then felt sore after for couple of hours. Would this have been when I acutally ovulated or does all that seem to intense to be ovulation? I had the same pain again on 2/13 but this time it felt like my uterus was tight, like pulling. This lasted alittle over 10 mins and I was not sore after. Since then I have not experienced anything like this expect for yesterday on 2/16 I had some pinching feeling on the left side right below my belly button. Any thoughts and has anyone experienced things like this?


does this look like a possible surge???