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TWW is driving me insane!!

Feel like I'm slowly going insane!! Now CD25, for the last week experiencing pelvic cramps, gas/bubbling feeling and so tired! Never get cramps until day before AF usually. caved and did hpg 2 days ago but bfn. Anyone else had similar symptoms ??? 

Pregnant ??

Hi, I'm 41 and ttc for last 7 months. Today i'm CD26. For the last 4 months my cycles have been 25 days, so af was due yesterday. For the last week i have had lots of signs, hourly urination (very unusual for me, i can sit all day at work and not go) Nausea - especially after coffee, had cramps two days ago like af was coming but still no sign of it, keep getting stitch like pain on left side, boobs starting to feel sore and nipples extremely tender. Had a BFN yesterday using FREP. All the signs look good but i don't know if i'm reading to much into them. What do you think? Going to retest later in the week if no af as cycle could have gone back to 28, but the wait is driving me insane!!

7 dpo - urinating every hour!

I am 7 dpo and last two days running to pee every hour, and its like i have a full bladder each time, which is very unusual for me. Normally at work i go once all day. Trying desperately to get pregnant. Had this symptom later on with my other two pregnancies but later on in 1st trimester, has anyone else had this so early on?