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Well this sucks...

I went in for an US at 11 AM yesterday and the whole process took about an hour, but they wouldn't say much I guess b/c they aren't allowed. Anyway the Doctor came and talked to us and said they didn't see anything in my uterus...not even a gestational sac. Then they admitted me to the ER with a suspected Ectopic. After many hours they sent me home in limbo(not their fault, but it sucked not knowing what was going to happen even though I kind of knew.) My HCH was only 267.1. They weren't sure if it was going up very slowly or had gone up and now was on it's way back down. So they sent me home and said come back Friday and we'll check it again and go from there.

I started bleeding at 3:45 AM this morning, so I have my answer. I have all sorts of emotions going on right now ranging anywhere from anger, confusion, and sadness to thankfulness that it wasn't another ectopic. This is going to take some time to recover from for sure, but I am ready to try again already. I want to feel a baby grow inside me so bad!

Rainbow after a CP and an Ectopic

Hi everyone! I have stayed away for a while to relax and enjoy life. I did not get my rainbow BFP to share with our family while they were visiting for Thanksgiving, BUT I did get a BFP yesterday and CANNOT wait to tell our family on Christmas!!!

We are so excited that we have another chance to have a baby after the ectopic nightmare 3 months ago.

Prayers for the "third time's the CHARM!"

Trying to stay relaxed and positive

I'm sure I ovulated earlier this week, and now I am having all these little cramps and pinches right above my pelvis mostly on the left.  I cannot help but think that implantation might be occuring in my left tube after losing my right one almost 8 weeks ago. I am just trying stay relaxed and positive.

I had a dream Tuesday night that I had a baby girl.  They only time I have ever had a dream like that was when I was pregnant.  I'll probably take a test Tuesday morning next week.

Heartbroken to be back here after 8w5d

My husband rushed me to the ER Monday night due to extremely sharp pain that made me feel faint and nauseated. The pain then decided to come and go like labor is the only way I could describe it. After lots of tests and my husband being able to see the baby and the heartbeat at 179 on the monitor the doctor told us we were experiencing an ectopic pregnancy and that I was bleeding internally. They told us there was no way to save the baby or my damaged tube. They did surgery at 3 AM and now I'm no longer expecting in April  We need all the prayers we can get. We were told everything else looks good and that I should have no problems conceiving again soon.

I "took a month off" and it happened!!! Got my rainbow BFP!!!

Please pray for a sticky one!!! It was just 2 months ago that I watched my first ever BFP get fainter and fainter before the bleeding started.

Last night I got a BFP at about 12-13 dpo. It was there this morning too! Doesn't seem real, and I am scared to even breath. Hopefully I will be able to relax and enjoy every minute.

Will post my BFP story soon :)

CD 1 :(

Super bummed and in so much pain! It's all in my back, and has been like this for days. I can't walk right or bend at the waist. Couldn't sleep last night, because the pain wouldn't stop. All on the left side. The left ovary is still throbbing like crazy too with twinges of pain. Ovulation this cycle was like this too!

I say all this for the readers, because it is my first cycle since a cp/early mc and I haven't had a painful cycle like this in years!  Just in case someone is searching. I know everyone is different, but be prepared.

Good luck to everyone TTC! I will be staying away for July. I need to relax!

Question about first cycle after cp/mc

I know I should just be patient and wait a couple more days to see if AF will show, but I am just so curious...

I am expecting AF any day now(2 days late w/ bfn.) The thing is that I feel like I am about to ovulate.  My ovaries are throbbing and my lower back is aching, and my cm is rarely ever gets ew. Normal AF symptoms for me is just very very mild uterine cramps and sometimes no crapms at all.

My question is has anyone ovulated after their cp/mc and then ovulate again around the time AF was due?


11dpo and losing hope

AF due around Tues. or Wed., and I'm feeling out :(

I didn't wake up hungry or thirsty this morning like I did 9 and 10 dpo. I'm not having AF like symptoms or anything, but I just feel normal ya know? I do have some bloating, but not like last month when I got a BFP. I'm not feeling anything in my BB's like last time either or like every month when AF is coming. I am having vivid dreams every night, but that's not totally uncommon for me expect it's usually the few days after O that I get those. Also, my BBT has stayed lower than normal. Like even lower than it is during BFN cycles, weird! I wish I could just relax until AF shows or not, but I'm symptom spotting like crazy and checking this site so often like it's going to tell me I'm pregnant or something haha.

The TWW is harsh and makes me want to cry! I know I am supposed to enjoy the journey, but it is really starting to consume me.

1DPO-Anyone else?

Hey I am 1 DPO and very hopeful. My DH and I were not able to BD passed Sat. night since he left early Sun. for work. My birthday is this coming Sat. the 17th and my DH will be home bet. the 25th-28th. I really wish I will get my birthday wish and be able to surprise him when he gets home. After seeing two pink lines last month I am very anxious!! This cycle slight O pain and throbbing lasted for like 3 days and today all is calm.

Newbie here TTC for 6 months-currently CD 6

Hi ladies! My DH and I have been TTC for 6 months, but he is gone for work sometimes during my fertile window. We just got our first ever BFP on the 4 cycle TTC that ended in an early miscarriage/CP at 4 weeks 3 days. I have been reading the TTC blog's and BFP stories during this journey, and now I just need to "talk" and let it out. I'm bummed, but I know God has a plan. I think He just wanted me to see that we CAN get pregnant, but the timing isn't right yet. This month my DH will leave for work about 2 days in to my fertile window. I pray his swimmers can stay alive until I ovulate haha