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Update At Home Insemination

BFN this cycle. So far we have tried the following:


Cycle 1 - Inseminating CD 17

Cycle 2 - Inseminating CD 13

Cycle 3 - Inseminating CD 14 and 15.

We will be inseminating August 26 and 27 this month. (CD 12 and 13)

Got my baby psychic readings back, most said they see a baby boy in September/October!

Hoping this cycle is the winner!!! Ugh! Such a stressful process!

First time TTC - Known donor insemination.

New here - wanted to blog to keep track of everything to date!!

My wife and I first started to plan our TTC journey back in April 2017. We decided to go with a known donor (Family member of my DW). We know his swimmers work as he has 10 kids! lol I have no reason to believe I cannot have children as I have never tried. I came off BC (On it for acne reasons) the end of April. We travel 8 hours to meet our donor. So I tried to line the trips up with my O date based on my CD1 etc. I'm basically blogging this for tracking purposes for myself. But it may help someone else TTC with a donor as well. :)


Cycle 1 - Our first insemination was June 15th. Stayed with a family member this trip, so we inseminated in the back of the car. Inseminated, left syringe in as a cork, had an orgasm, and left my legs up for while. No symptoms or anything after insemination. AF arrived June 26th.


Cycle 2 - Inseminated on July 8th - had a blazing positive OPK this day. Stayed at a hotel this time, same process as before. Started feeling extremely tired and very sore nipples shortly after this. I was VERY emotional/moody. I POAS like an addict this time. Every 2nd day I POAS. It was torture!! I got extremely nauseous and gassy as well. I just felt different. July 20th I had a vvl pink blood with a clump of mucus - thought maybe implantation bleeding. Next day AF arrived, earlier than expected. Lasted only 2 days and it was heavy - out of the ordinary for me. Tested multiple times after this and all BFNs.

Cycle 3 - Inseminated August 4th and 5th. Ovulated earlier than expected I think but no strong postive OPKs so I'm not sure. Stayed in a hotel and modified our process. We tried using pre-seed and soft cups this time. Our August 4th insemination, I was SO disappointed as the 'donation' was next to nothing. We inseminated anyhow. Found our later our donor BDed with his wife that morning, hence the lack of donation for me! August 5th donation was much more. Inserted the soft cup for the night and went to bed. I'm writing this on CD19 (August 8th, 3 and 4 days after insemination) For the past 2 days I've been EXTREMELY tired and have zero energy - same feelings in cycle 2. 

This has been an extremely stressful/emotional process for us. I'm a POAS addict and have been fighting the urge this cycle. I'm awaiting on a reading from Cheri within the next couple of days. My birthday is tomorrow, I'll be 31 - I feel like my time is running out. I try to stay positive, but it's hard. I just started temping, so I will closely track that for awhile. Hoping for the best this cycle, but my head is telling me otherwise.