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BFP with clomid 1st cycle!!!

First and formost let me say that after this journey I have a new found respect for women trying to conceive, it takes an emotional, physical, financial and sometimes mental affect.  With that being said I'm pretty sure I have read about 90% of the stories here during my many two week waits so I am so excited to share mine so here it is.... My dear husband and I are both 28 and have been trying for almost a year now after lots of tears and frustration my doctor prescribed me clomid for unexplained infertility.  I took the clomid cycle days 3-7 I also drank pomegranate juice to help thicken my uterine lining and took mucinex to thin my cervical mucus.  We also baby danced every other day with preseed starting cycle day 10 and when I got my positive opk cycle days 16 and 17.  Now for the two week wait symptoms...

1-5 dpo- NOTHING absolutely nothing

6 dpo-NOTHING starting to get discouraged at this point thinking the clomid didnt work this cycle and already planning what to do for the next cycle.

7 dpo- I remember this day in particular because I had a lightening strike of pain on my right ovary that stopped me dead in my tracks it only last about 10 seconds though so I thought for sure aunt flo was on her way.

8 dpo- NOTHING

9 dpo- husband and I slept almost 10 hours which never happens this is when I started to get suspicious but wanted to wait until atleast 12 dpo because I was so tired of seeing negative tests.

10 dpo- stopped at walgreens to get a drink and decided well I'll just take a test to be sure since I had a party to attend the next day and I didnt want to drink if I could be pregnant....peed on the stick waited the two minutes when I picked up the test there it was two lines it was quite faint but it was there I was shocked.  Later on my friend bought me some digital tests so I  took one of those a few hours later and it said Yes!!! BFP

Honestly I really did not think I was pregnant because I had no symptoms for the most part except for the excessive sleep.  So dont think you may not be pregnant because you dont have any symptoms especially if your taking clomid. I can remember the many months before when I swore I had every symptom in the book and then AF would come on time every month.  I hated when people told me to just relax so I wont say that but what I will say is please keep the faith God does not make any mistakes. Good luck to all you ladies out there waiting for your BFP it is all worth it in the end.