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HELP Am i pregnant?

So for quite a few weeks now I been under the impression i may be pregnant. I have had seveal test that show a very faint line, but wasnt sure if this was an evap line or just to dull to be pregnant. I dont have a docter currently. Working on that. So I cant get a blood test. If I am guessing I would be around 4 weeks. I get headaches and ive never had them my whole life, my "period" happend once july 28th, very very light for 3 days. Usually my periods are painful and last about 5-6. My next one was a week or two early I think. I bled off and on very lighty for about 2 days. My expected ovualtion was suppose to be the 9th of august. Which would have been my most likely day to get pregnant, and that was the day we had sex. My breasts feel sore and tender which never has happened since I was 10 and they started growing. My nipples hurt too. I see a little bulgde or inflamation under neath my stomach where my uterus or bladder would be. I have had tests that show up for high white blood cells in urine but no bateria.Not sure if it is maybe cysts, something related to the kindeys, inflamtion, or if I am pregnant. please contact me by email if you have ever been through this and what your opinion is on if these tests are postive or not, thanks!