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Clomid/Brown Menstrual Period/ Longer Cycles

Hi, we were trying to conceive for almost a year. Last month I tried clomid without a prescription from a doctor, our friend gave us the medicine who has a source from it. My first cycle on clomid was unsuccessful, i got my period at exactly on 28th, but i had a brown discharge or period instead of red blood. And that was all brown till it ends... one more thing i noticed is that it didnt end at 7 days it continued upto 10 days menstrual period. I have been reading about clomid and they said that clomid causes the brown discharge but i havent read that somebody had experience a longer menstrual period. And now this is my second month on clomid, my period was late... i am usually 28 days, and now i am on 32 days. I am experiencinv brown spotting and felt like AF is now here...cramps and sleepyhead. So Clomid is not working for me. I guess I need to be checked after this. I know that the OB will not be happy if she knows that i took clomid without having any test before using it. I am losing hope... we really wanted a child so bad.... it is really hard to encounter the AF monthly. I hate AF.