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It sounds like a bad sci-fi movie, but is apparently a marker used to detect certain types of cancer. Research has shown that a subset of women with endometriosis also show elevated levels. I'm pretty sure I don't have cancer and I really hope I don't have endometriosis, so I am hoping my blood tests show levels under 30 both times. Today is cd3 and I made it to the hospital just in time to have blood taken. My periods are very short these days. The third day is usually already very light and this cycle was no exception, so I hope cd3 will give a good enough answer.

I return to the doctor in two weeks to hear the results and discuss further course of action. Maybe if I'm feeling brave I'll ask if I can be on the waiting list for donor sperm. I can get it from a sperm bank abroad as soon as I want, but I think it can't hurt to expand my options.

I have decided against a known donor. I really don't want any personal involvement with a donor. Open donation is mandatory here, so I know my child would always have the opportunity to meet their biological father when they are older. For me that feels right.

An article in the local newspaper struck me this week. In my area there is a need for an additional 3500! foster parents. Especially crisis placement has a big shortage. I'm hardly a perfect parent, but no child should have to go to a children's home. No matter how nice these places are, it is not as good as a family environment. I have done apprenticeships in a few, so I have some idea. I feel strongly that I should apply. They may well reject me for being a single mum with health problems, but it can't hurt to try.

2 days late

My luteal phase is never longer than 12 days except for the cycle in which I am getting testing done of course. Two days late and my period started just before bed, which has also never happened to me before. Lucky me that cd2 is now on Sunday, so I have to get blood drawn for the ca-125 test on Monday when I already have to go to playgroup with my toddler and have a skype meeting for court. I'm also having another migraine attack and I'm really hoping it will be over by then. At least there is progress.


For the past three months I've been using opks. I was pretty sure I ovulated since I am reasonably regular (25-29 day cycle) and have horrible cramps around ovulation, but I wanted to pinpoint more precisely when. Before the birth of baby 1 I ovulated on day 16/17 and had a 11/12 day luteal phase. This time around my luteal phase seems to be unchanged, but my ovulation date keeps moving. First, positive opk day 13, then day 16 and last cycle day 12. I'm under quite a bit of stress due to my other health concerns, so maybe that explains it. Of course I had to google it and it can also be a sign of starting menopause. Yuck, not what I want to hear at 34 and hoping for a second baby.

I'm adding Q10 and royal jelly to my supplement routine, if I can remember to take them. I'll give it until New Year for things to calm down and if my follicular phase gets any shorter after that, I'll ask for some tests. 

Health update

The doctor has prescribed me some sumatriptan as a nighttime rescue medication. So happy I have something to try and help myself when the worst of the migraines hits me. I'm also researching some herbal remedies to take the edge off.

Today I've also been to see the gynaecologist. She has ordered a blood test to be repeated when I have my period in two weeks. That should give her a better idea if endometriosis can be ruled out. Fingers crossed it is not endo. 

We also discussed having another baby. When I said I wanted to use donor sperm she was quite negative. She actually suggested I wait a few years and then find a man with kids. What? One, I don't want a new relationship with a man and two, I want my child to have a fulltime sibling. Honestly, this obsession with a man-woman-kids family annoys me. As long as you have love and can provide a good life the composition of the family is irrelevant.

On Monday I return to the gp for more health issues. What fun.

Visiting the doctor

They should give me a stamp every time I go to see a doctor. I'm sure I'll get that free bagel soon.

Endometriosis has almost entirely been ruled out. I'm very happy about that.

So I've decided to make another attempt at resolving some of my health issues. Tomorrow I am seeing the doctor about those horrid migraines and limb pains.

I've also secretly bought a bassinet in sale. I feel guilty about it, but also quite pleased. Let's hope it gets used in the foreseeable future.

First gyno visit

I went to the gynaecologist today. She did a thorough exam and took my history. She doesn't think it is endometriosis, but she is going to consult with a further specialist to see if further tests are in order. I'm glad there are no obvious signs of endo. Hopefully that means I don't have it at all. Personally I still think low progesterone comes into play, but I'll have to see what the doctors decide is best to do next.


Almost seven months after the birth my period returned and for one year after we did not use birth control. Not entirely my choice, but that's a different story. I guess it would count as ntnp. What I was wondering is if one year of ntnp under 35 would count as infertility? Maybe timing was just off, but it did make me wonder.

Stupid migraines

I'm in bed at 21.50 with another migraine. For several months I've been having them once a week and it's hell. I was planning on getting the paperwork done for my gynaecologist appointment next Tuesday, but I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow. I have so many issues I like to do written overviews of past history, treatments, current issues and if possible previous doctor's reports to take with me to appointments. I also have my menstrual history in an excel sheet. Not sure how she is going to take the suggestions for diagnosis, but I feel I have to at least tick some things off the list. I really hope she'll let me try progesterone, which might help with the frequent spotting, bad skin and these horrible headaches. Ah well, tomorrow is another day.

Starting the journey

Two years ago I was delivered of my first baby by cs. We survived 18 months of domestic violence. Recovery is ongoing, but it is time to focus on our new life now. I really want my baby to have siblings and since I am almost 35 I don't want to wait too long. Since the cs my cycle has been about 27 days long and ovulation seems to be about day 14 of my cycle. Sadly I have been having terrible symptoms around ovulation and af. I am fearing endometriosis. My gp is hopeless, but I've finally gotten a referral to an gynaecologist. Two weeks from now I should hopefully get some answers. Since I am now single and plan on staying that way I intend to do at home insemination with frozen donor sperm from a sperm bank. If the doctor advises it and my insurance covers it I will consider IUI, but I would rather avoid it. So far my back story.