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The tww begins

The courier just picked up the cryogenic container and I am 1dpo. The waiting game has begun. Today I am constipated for the first time since I was pregnant with my toddler. Luckily I am quite sane and know it is not a symptom. :) I do wonder if I will spot around 4dpo. It happened several cycles before. If it does I already know it is probably not implantation. With my first I didn't have ib either. I've had such awful pms recently, I don't expect I will notice any symptoms. 

It's crazy early, but I think I'll take my first test at 7dpo. Last time I got a good positive on ic and clearblue digital at 9dpo (afternoon), so I'm curious. Then 1 test in the afternoon per day until 12dpo if bfn until then. At that point I'll consider myself out and wait for af. If I get a faint line on ic, I have some nice brand tests to follow up with. 

That's the game plan. Now onwards to my chore list to keep myself occupied.


My opk this morning was positive. Maybe I inseminated too early. Frozen sperm only lasts 24h. I used it all up, so no possibility of a second attempt. On the plus side, I have been having ovulation cramps this morning, so hopefully the egg will appear soon. I'll do another opk at lunch time and hope it is negative. This timing thing is a big pain.

Insemination day

Surprisingly I got a positive opk this evening. That means ovulation should happen tomorrow at 12dpo, a whole day earlier than the last cycle. I wasn't expecting it. I did the insemination this evening. Waiting 24+ hours seemed risky. Now I pray that it wasn't too early. I'll try to get some sleep and write down the details tomorrow. Please send me baby dust.

Sperm delivered

The courier showed up just as I had finished dressing my toddler. He was a bit mad the parcel was not for him, poor thing. I've had to hide it in the spare room, so he won't open it and defrost his potential sibling. :) I'm a bit annoyed they did not put the container in a box for privacy concerns. Everybody in the street can see it. Oh well.

I'm excited. I still have to wait until Monday or Tuesday for a positive opk. I'll test once tomorrow and then three times a day from then onwards until I get a positive. Frozen sperm only lasts one day so timing is crucial. Insemination the evening of first positive. I hope it works and I don't make a mess of it. And that I don't ovulate late, since the container will only keep the sperm frozen until Wednesday. Details. :D


Sperm ordered

It sounds a bit strange, but today I have ordered my first (and hopefully only) batch of sperm. I am excited and a little scared. It is coming from a sperm bank abroad, so I really hope I timed the delivery right. Annoyingly the weekend got in the way and I had to take a more expensive shipping option. Then they hit me with a hefty charge for paying by creditcard. And last but not least I had to pay to reserve a quota slot. In the end I paid nearly double what I was expecting. It also bothers me that I have to pay 25% vat. Sperm is a luxury product? No wonder so many women get dubious donors off the internet. Please don't do that btw. Do you really want to be wondering if the girl your son has a crush on in high school could be his half-sister?

I've also ordered liquid vitamins, since I suffer from hg and some conception friendly lube. Tmi, but I did not fancy inserting a seringe dry. I have soft cups to keep things in place overnight already. I also got some clear blue digitals on sale. I think I'm as prepared as possible. Now I can start praying.

I felt encouraged to read a survey that said 38% of women get pregnant on the first cycle. I know there are more depressing stats, but I like this one, so I'm developing a selective memory.

Now I'm off to open my parcels with pregnancy clothes. Bfp or bfn, I'm determined to have a good time with this.

Ovulation acne

For the last year or two I have been having acne before my ovulation. Usually about a week before I break out terribly and by the time I ovulate I don't even want to leave the house. It's a very strange thing really. Surely nature wants me to procreate, so why does it make me look like a swamp monster during my most fertile days? Couldn't think of better birth control than being as reclusive as Dracula on a sunny afternoon.

I am considering going for my first insemination round next week when I ovulate. Exciting and very scary at the same time. It feels a bit weird to choose an anonymous donor. I hope my child, if there is one, won't blame me for that. Sometimes I wish I had a crystal ball, so I knew I was doing the right thing. I guess only time will tell.

I endulged in buying some heavily discounted maternity wear. Sadly, I don't have my old maternity wear anymore. My previous partner decided to keep that (and anything valuable) as well as the baby's clothes. It's annoying, because I paid for all of it myself. On the positive side I get to buy new things and enjoy the process. I'll put off buying baby items until I am actually pregnant though. Trying to be a bit sensible, ahum.

Bfp dream

Last night I had a dream that I got a bfp on multiple different brand tests. I really have to stop reading all those posts. Before I had my toddler I also had a few pregnancy dreams, but that was not in the cycle I got pregnant, so I doubt it's a sign. Unless it's a sign I should stop buying pregnancy tests. :)

Af is due today. Last cycles it came in the evening just before bed, so I'm prepared for that. I'll be glad to be rid of this horrid nausea.

Pregnancy test test

Yes, I tested a pregnancy test. I don't know if that makes me type A or crazy, but I wanted to make sure the new type of test I bought isn't prone to indents or evaps. So at 7/8 dpo and no chance of being pregnant I peed on the stick. White as the driven snow. Oddly enough I still felt a little disappointed. Put that down to crazy. The tests are ready to go, at any rate.

Early af?

My back is killing me. Feels like the back pain I used to get a long time ago just at the beginning of af. Seems like af is coming super early after the shortest luteal phase I've ever had. Shame my trial tww had to turn into a freak cycle, but it is a good reminder not to read too much into perceived symptoms.

On a positive note: ovulation and pregnancy tests are on the way. Now I just have to make some decisions about the donor, get a few more tests and I'm on my way.

Part 4

Add tingly, sore breasts and back pain to the list.

Never noticed those before. Crazy.