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Part 3

Today 5/6 dpo:


Crabby mood


Spotting since yesterday


I think I have a virus that has been doing the rounds and the spotting is probably caused by lowish progesterone.

No idea about the cramps. Far too early for the run-up to af. I shouldn't have googled it. The only suggestion comming up is implantation. :) 

I'm going to keep this list of fake symptoms to keep me sane when I am really going through the tww.

The mri I had three weeks ago didn't show any signs of endometriosis either, thankfully. Back to my regular doctor to try and get some pain relief.

I'm stupidly going to buy some cheapie pregnancy tests. The process with the donor feels like it is taking forever and I need to feel like I am doing something on that front.

Part 2

Add to the list:

Extreme gass

Lots if creamy cm

Cramps that radiate into my loins


If I was really in the tww this would be driving me nuts and it is only 3dpo.

I had all of this except irritability (I think) before my bfp with my toddler, but it didn't start until about 6dpo.

Hormones can be so cruel. Two weeks of pms is just too much.


Fake pregnancy symptoms

It is far too easy to imagine small changes to be pregnancy symptoms. My chances of being pregnant are about the same as for snow in July in the northern hemisphere and that's a good thing, or I'd be driving myself crazy. From 1dpo I've had nausea, tiredness and irritability. Could be pms, but about 1,5 week early. The nausea I don't usually get, but I had it before af some years ago and it could also be a tummy bug. It would be so easy to obsess though. :)

More health things

Tuesday I went for my mri. It was a doddle, I almost fell asleep. I'll get the results the 22nd. I'm cautiously optimistic. Also nice that the procedure does not do any damage to developing eggs. Not that I'll be trying for some months, but it is still good to know.

For some unrelated issues I also have to have an echocardiogram and a dexa for bone density. Fingers crossed they don't find anything bad.

I've also bought some maca to try. Apparently it helps to balance hormones, without any hormonal action. Which appealed to me, since my 1 time trying vitex was a nightmare.

On top of that I am trying to get my weight up to 55 kilo. I think I'll include a breakfast bar/sports bar and yoghurt drink in my diet from now on, since breakfast is definitely my weak point.

And more relaxing :)

Weird cycle

This cycle I started spotting at 3dpo, even earlier than usual. At first some pink and then watery brown. It wasn't just there when I wiped. It actually ran into the toilet and filled a tampon in less than a day. I've never had anything like it before. I assumed my period would come early, but it's now day 25 and nothing yet. For two weeks I've had a respiratory virus, so I'm hoping that is the reason for this odd cycle. I'm getting paranoid now thinking I might have early decline in ovarian reserve like my mother. Would be annoying since all the other women in the family managed to have babies easily into their late thirties.

Test results

I got my results back from the ca-125 test. It was 24 and then 66 on cd3. Perfectly normal. Last hurdle is an mri to almost rule out endometriosis.

I found an interesting article about chronic pain after cs and treatment options. I think I'll take it to my gp and see what she thinks. There is some overlap with the acnes option I wanted to talk about anyway.

I will ask for testing of my amh, fsh, progesterone etc. when I return to the gynaecologist after the mri.

Change in cycle

My usual ovulation day used to be day 16 or 17 with a 12 day luteal phase. Now it seems to have shifted to ovulation on day 13 or 14 with a 14 day luteal phase. I am surprised since I thought luteal phase was pretty stable. I can only hope this is good news for my egg quality. Perhaps it is related to my supplement regime:

Prenatal multivitamin




Vitamin c

Royal jelly




It sounds like a bad sci-fi movie, but is apparently a marker used to detect certain types of cancer. Research has shown that a subset of women with endometriosis also show elevated levels. I'm pretty sure I don't have cancer and I really hope I don't have endometriosis, so I am hoping my blood tests show levels under 30 both times. Today is cd3 and I made it to the hospital just in time to have blood taken. My periods are very short these days. The third day is usually already very light and this cycle was no exception, so I hope cd3 will give a good enough answer.

I return to the doctor in two weeks to hear the results and discuss further course of action. Maybe if I'm feeling brave I'll ask if I can be on the waiting list for donor sperm. I can get it from a sperm bank abroad as soon as I want, but I think it can't hurt to expand my options.

I have decided against a known donor. I really don't want any personal involvement with a donor. Open donation is mandatory here, so I know my child would always have the opportunity to meet their biological father when they are older. For me that feels right.

An article in the local newspaper struck me this week. In my area there is a need for an additional 3500! foster parents. Especially crisis placement has a big shortage. I'm hardly a perfect parent, but no child should have to go to a children's home. No matter how nice these places are, it is not as good as a family environment. I have done apprenticeships in a few, so I have some idea. I feel strongly that I should apply. They may well reject me for being a single mum with health problems, but it can't hurt to try.

2 days late

My luteal phase is never longer than 12 days except for the cycle in which I am getting testing done of course. Two days late and my period started just before bed, which has also never happened to me before. Lucky me that cd2 is now on Sunday, so I have to get blood drawn for the ca-125 test on Monday when I already have to go to playgroup with my toddler and have a skype meeting for court. I'm also having another migraine attack and I'm really hoping it will be over by then. At least there is progress.


For the past three months I've been using opks. I was pretty sure I ovulated since I am reasonably regular (25-29 day cycle) and have horrible cramps around ovulation, but I wanted to pinpoint more precisely when. Before the birth of baby 1 I ovulated on day 16/17 and had a 11/12 day luteal phase. This time around my luteal phase seems to be unchanged, but my ovulation date keeps moving. First, positive opk day 13, then day 16 and last cycle day 12. I'm under quite a bit of stress due to my other health concerns, so maybe that explains it. Of course I had to google it and it can also be a sign of starting menopause. Yuck, not what I want to hear at 34 and hoping for a second baby.

I'm adding Q10 and royal jelly to my supplement routine, if I can remember to take them. I'll give it until New Year for things to calm down and if my follicular phase gets any shorter after that, I'll ask for some tests.