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17dpo.. and period 4 days late..

I really thought I was out this month..At 12 dpo i did a home preg test and it came back negative, like every other month i was very sad.. my period was due the day after the test but never showed..but it really felt like it was going to come, i expected to be there every time i wiped..but nothing..

Thick white Cm from 6 dpo -  8dpo and light cramps.

Yesterday at work i suddenly started feeling like im starting the flu, and was sneezing not stop.. Last night after putting chicken nuggets in the oven, the smell of the nuggets made me feel sooo sick, i could smell it hours after it had finished baking, i couldnt even bare the thought of eating them..

Today at 17 dpo AF still has not showed (extending my cycle to 36 days where my cycles have always been 32 days) Today im feeling even more flu-ish..  I have been feeling extremely tired, like i dont usually wish the day away but i just cant wait to get to bed at night..feel dizzy when im on my feet to long.

I still have cm every day since 8dpo but it is clear and watery, sometimes slightly slimy.. (sorry tmi)

Can it be that i am pregnant and that the pregnancy test i took 12 dpo was taken to early? Im nervous to test again and get another BFN.

Please some advise or guidance ladies! 

Maybe baby?

So today is CD21.. Hubby and I have been TTC for a year now. We started seeing a new gyne in Aug and I was on Fertomid from CD2 - CD6. Dr told us to start OPK on CD13 until CD16 but i never got a positive out of that. Dr ordered me to do the Ovidrel trigger shot on CD17. Hubby and i BD CD17 - CD19. I felt ovulation pains CD19 and last night laying in bed trying to fall asleep it kept feeling like something was bouncing in my stomach and i had cramps and so much gas (sorry for to much info)..i thought maybe i should go to the loo but nothing happened. My cycle is normally 32 days so i know its very early in my cycle and im going to wait and see of AF comes or not and will do a pregnancy test if she does not come. Hubby and I can noy help bit feel hopeful, the past year has been an emotional ride and all weve been doing is praying so hard for a little mericle. What do you guys think, maybe baby? Looking forward to hearing feedbacks.

OPK - 1st time

So we saw dr on CD10... he is happy with the work the Fertomid has done and has not prescribed a 2nd course. He advised that I start with the OPK on CD13 which is today.. I have taken the 1st test now and it came out negative. My cycle is normally about 32 days but dr said it might be slightly shorted this month because of the Fertomid.. Holding thumbs that we will get a positive ovulation within the next few days! 

Fertomid treatment - Is there hope?

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a year luck.. We started seeing a doctor in February and we were told that I have a few problems.. I have cycsts on my ovaries, fluid around my tubes and I dont ovulate.  In July doctor told us that he wants to do a Laporocopy, I was a bit against it and wanted a 2nd opinion.  We started seeing a new doctor on 22nd August, believed to be the best doctor in our area.  He said that he feels we should try a treatment called Fertomid, seeing that I do not ovulate, he wants we to try the treatment for 3 months.  I have completed my 1st course of Fertomid and I am seeing my doctor tomorrow morning for the day 10 ovulation scan.  Anyone else going through this, been on Fertomid?  What is your view or experience?  Is there hope?