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Hello ladies, my partner and i have been ttc for the past couple months now after loosing our first baby 2 years ago. But so far no luck :( . Every month we try something new, like last month during O we have tried making love every other day leading up to the day of O, the day of O and after. We were really hopefull but then AF visited. So this month (November) i started O on the 6th and my actual ovulation day was on the 10th. So my partner and i decided to start early and we bd on the 3rd,4th,5th and then again on the 6th when my O started. We made love every day i was ovulating including the 10th (day of O) and the following 2 days after just so we could be sure we covered all the possible fertile days and then some. i am currently 2 DPO and i have been experiencing these little cramp/twinge pains in my right side, as well as odd cramps in my abdomin but nothing severe or painful. i am also very wet (sorry tmi) down there so it leaves me questioning if we have succeeded in trying to concieve, because usally after O i tend to dry up down there. (sorry again if tmi) i also find myself going to the bathroom alot more frequently then i used to, and i wake up alot through the night. But i know these pregnancy sypmtons dont usually show till later on in pregnancy. So i feel like i am back to playing the guessing game and it drives me nuts!! i am just hoping for the BFP <3

We have been hoping to become pregnant for awhile now and i feel like i get my hopes up every month during the TWW.  if any of you ladies have any suggestions, tips, pointers or are going through the same thing i am please feel free to post away! and good luck to all you ladies out there TTC!! babydust to you all <3