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TWW and Driving Myself CRAZY!

The TWW is KILLING me! I'm in countdown mode... t-minus 3 days till kitty is down for maintenance (AF), November 23. Which is also Thanksgiving... aaand I'm cooking dinner for the in law's. So, a lot going on.

You know when you're walking and you're not even thinking about it... you walk all the time, you just do it... but then you're walking in front of a bunch of people who are watching you and suddenly you become hyper aware of every single movement you're body is making? Like you've never been so aware of how you walk until this moment. Yeah... that is how I feel right now. I'm super aware of every feeling I have trying to guess whether or not it's normal or maybe... just maybe it's a sign I'm incubating a tiny human. I'm going nuts over here! 

Feel like maybe I've had some different symptoms outside of what I normally have. Geez, you'd think I'd remember what my body normally does every month. I've had some fluttery feelings off and on, cramps about 6-7DPO. Sore/sensitive breasts (but thats normal... although it's more the left one and on the outside of it). Bloating, pressure/heaviness in my abdomen, some nausea, heartburn. Last week I kind of felt like any minute AF would arrive, crampy and hurt a little down my thighs. 

I don't know... it's just torture!