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Could i possibly be pregnant?!?

Me and my boyfriend have been TTC for atleast 4 months without any luck. My periods have always been crazy irregular and im pretty bad at tracking them. However November 28, 2017 i noticed faint cramps and light pink blood/ discharge.. I didnt have a tampon or pad with me so i placed a piece of folded over toilet paper in my panties. The spotting had completely stoped that day after i realized it but then did the same thing the next day. November 29th i noticed the spotting around the same time the day before and it lasted maybe 5 minutes.. Completely disappearing and on the 30th i noticed watery discharge no spotting no cramps but i did have a back ache on the lower right side. Today i still have a slight back ache i have watery discharge and a small head ache. What does this mean?