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IVF seminar in Melbourne tonight

Hi guys,  itd been a while since ive posted but just thought id drop and and say hi to everyone . really  excited because im taking two girlfriends to an ivf seminar in Melbourne  tonight (monash ivf glen waverly)  as we are all really interested to go.  Each friend has just recently had surgery for their endometriosis ... one as recently as last Wednesday and the other 3 weeks ago,   so i am driving them both in and we are all looking forward to going and getting some good information.  Its nice to do this together as we have all been in the ttc trenches  together for years. Anyway just really looking forward to it with them and being their support. 

How is everyone else doing lately?  Trying anything new? Sperm meets egg program? changing up your diet or vitamins or bd schedule? Taking a ttc holiday somewhere romantic maybe?  

Hope everyones well. 

Love alexandra

How is everyone going? New and Old friends!

Hope you're all staying positive and  focused! Tell me your ttc news ! 


Love alexandra

I want your ttc updates

How is everyone going?  Any news? What arecyour plans this month and how are you  changing it up?  Remember to  invest inna 'break'  cycle  every  6 months or so. It is just as beneficial for your body  as trying  a new tea, position, herb or medication!  Do it for your future beans!♡♡♡  


You never know. ... it just be the very thing that does the trick  ladies... 


Hope you are all really well and staying positive 

Love alex

Pregnancy chances with only one tube

I found the following information really useful. People always ask about the possibility of a tube picking up an egg from the opposite ovary. As I know a lot of us have lost a tube I thought this was a really good explanation from a US fertility specialist and wanted to share it with all of you and hopefully give you a little more hope! 
" Normally, it is possible to get pregnant when you only have one tube and one ovary that are opposite from each other. In fact, in nature, the egg ovulated from one ovary, say the right side, does not necessarily go into the right tube. This is a misunderstanding. The Fallopian tubes actually hang 2 cms (1 inch) down below the ovary and the egg can be ovulated from any part of the ovary. In reality, the egg is expelled from the ovary with all the fluid that surrounds it in the follicle. That fluid rushes out taking the egg with it. It then falls into a space called the culdesac located behind the uterus, where the ends of the fallopian tubes hang. Then by simple fluid motion (think of a spec of dust in a small puddle of water), the egg either contacts one tube or the other. It does not always find a tube. So in this way, it can contact either the right tube or the left tube ."

Hope everyone is doing ok x

Bfp update

Hi guys, xxx   so I just got back from  our first ultrasound  and they didnt do bloods  but the Ob said the ultrasound  puts me at 6 weeks and 5 days.  Strong heartbeat of 138 bpm. So  just have my fingers crossed till the  10 week mark and ill breathe easy! 

 One weird thing that the ob found was that i actually ovulated from the side  with no fallopian friggin  tube!ha ha! He found the corpus luteum on that side! Which is kinda cool info for all you girls out there like me with only one tube.  

His exact words were "Thats weird,  but not that impossible"

Turn-out that my other good tube reached around and snatched that little egg up! He said that cases of this happening, in his experience,   were the execption not the rule but it does happen!


I'm what???

im like that hyena on the lion king you know, the crazy one, laughing... i just sat on the toilet seat while I'm housitting...and I'm preggas. 3+ weeks indicator but my periods like due today? a stronger pg maybe? maybe I won't lose this one! how the hell did this happen naturally AGAIN ! the doctors are all so wrong! ppppft! in your face doc! 

so happy and excited again! round two attempt fingers crossed ! omg! was literally just about to start ivf AGAIN and it happens again! 


haha omg so I just got my resume / cover letter and job application in this weekend for a part time position, wait for it- none other than receptionist at a  hospital  within their reproductive services/ivf clinic.... No kidding!

NICE TRY LIFE ! You can throw all the baby showers,... births  whatevvver you like at me whatever else you can think of but I will eat that shit up!

that would be super cool to get that job cause then I would like be one of those super rad friendly  ladies that we all need to see when we're going for our 50th transvaginal or egg transfer and we're totally over it, Lolz. we all need an empathetic receptionist that's not a bitch right? thatS Me!  Plus I would totally be learning all about this  ivf process while working there. Haha. Fingers crossed I get an interview. 

Just about to book my amh test and call primary ivf to see where we're all at and what's the next step. yay. 


Has anyone here in Melbourne been to/had success with Preston primary ivf or know any reviews?  

hope everybody's well!! 

Luv alex

hmmm im so disorganized! haha

getting there, getting there,...  all this testing and stuff for pre treatment... dragging my ass a bit really,  particular tests on particular days,.... a nightmare for someone as disorganized as me! you wouldnt think id be one to procrastinate like this after 3 years and  a recent first ever pregnancy/miscarriage but oh man the damn logistics is killing me,..haha!...Iv  only got my ultrasound done so far,...still need to get   fsh    amh  and whatever else tested........then he still needs to provide his magic baby junk for the almighty inspection, that should be no real dramas. then theres that pesky police check and  that "are you sure you wanna baby" counselling session we're obligated to attend.. by australian law anyway..  hilarious really. imagine if everyone had to  jump these baby hoops before conceiving, i bet some wouldnt pass! anyone  done ivf in melbourne australia?  how are you finding the experience?  tell me something ironic or u found funny af so far!!



im back in the land of positivity!  of rainbows and unicorns and lollipops  and..ivf! (hahhaha!) okay  mother nature what ya got for me this time do your worst!

i said Bring it.




Well This sucks

Unfortunately it seems this baby is not meant to be. Weve just been told to expect to miscarry this pregnancy in the next week. I am 5 weeks and 4 days.

  My first ever pregnancy. So harsh. 

Dont really have much else to say. Dont know what to expect. Will it hurt really bad? When will it happen?  Will i end up needing a D and C? Will it happen again? How long  will everything take? aaghh So many thoughts and mixed feelings. But staying positive. Have to! theres Always next time. ..


Sending my love to yas all!! Stay positive. keep trying. Never  give Up!