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Not out of The Scary Woods yet

Hi girls. 

kinda miss all my invisible interweb friends, ya know? ❤

im nervous. something the doctor said when she called this morning. 

at my 2nd hcg test she said to me  it was"in the normal range but on the lower end so we have to monitor it regularly"

I interpret that as "If i could be totally unprofessional  and blunt with you we wanted/expected it to be higher than this at this stage"



please god dont let me miscarry on Valentines day or something awful. 

Can I ask, does anyone know...

Seeing as this level hcg business is calculated using your LMP,  not conception date, aaand i dont know the day I ovulated, AND we got so busy 3 weeks of that cycle month anyway that theres every chance conception could have occurred  anywhere from the 9th of january (cd7 allllllll the way through to the 23rd January (cd21 but i doubt it)

is there any chance that im just running a bit behind due to a later ovulation or something?  what was she hoping the levels to be around? 

seems like im on the low to normal hcg,  and if shes concerned im concerned. 

first hcg cd31 was 102


Second hcg on cd36 was 466

going by this link a friend sent me... im rising normally....have a look if you would. 


I have another draw in 2 days (friday afternoon) and ill get the results on saturday they tell me. Ill post them on here with an update  once i know more. 

fingers crossed. 

naw. ps hubby just came in with The CUTEST friggin teddy bear for me. probs cause iv been in bed freaking out for the past 6 hours





Due Dates Club and How do i Join

Hi All and Moderators... how do i find my due dates club on this site and how do i join. im looking for other october-Ladies.  Does anyone know? 


3 years trying, one fallopian tube removed,  countless negative  tests.... gosh i really thought it was ivf or nothing.  Were supposed to be at our first  ivf appointment in 2 hours! LoL!  


im in total shock. but grinning like an idiot!


First ever IVF APP

 tomorrow!! at 1:30pm!!  






that is All.


oh oh actually plus im 13dpo approximately and no show for AF ...yet...  i have a test that dh bought me dammit..i told him to hide it or ill crack haha.  i think id rather just wait for the monthly horror show at this point to be honest than bear looking at another  blank  test space again haha.  as soon as i test i always get af anyway like the next day. 


Fingers crossed  but ivf appointment  is a massive emotional backup anyway!+!!!! 


wish me luck!! 

ps - spazzle how R you going sweetie havent heard much from you lately.  sending my L♡VE!!!

well, i got married!

 super excited ive got to marry the guy of my dreams and so lucky to have such a supportive bloke on this journey  called life!  its been nearly 3 years of trying to have a baby and im currently in  bali on our honeymoon and loving it. We leave for melbourne today, i ovulated on this trip and we gave it one final red hot go just before we start our ivf journey. .. 


booked in for our first appointment  in 2 weeks.  Embryo transfers, fertility drugs, and all that comes with trying ivf for the first time .... I would love to  hear  all about your att3mpts, feelings and any advice to this ivf newbie....... 


much appreciated. im staying high spirited, hopeful and positive and excited to start. 


love to you all. 


ps im due for my period the day of the 1st ivf appointment...... 

wouldnt it be just great if we had actually made a honeymoon bub.... lol. one can dream i guess. 


happy new year!

yes. .. its 12:10 aus time and im on here haha... we didnt go out or anything actually we've  had a really chilled day and nyt  in watching john wayne movies and snacking out.

fireworks are rumbling away and we're happily curled up together in bed listening to everyone in our apartment block screech and holler out "happy new years" haha. its so cute. im happy.  A friend from germany arrives at 630am, getting married next sunday. honeymoon is booked. looking forward to bali in 2 weeks  and my first ever ivf in four. Life is good.  dreaming of you sweetheart. i know youll come,

one day~☆♡



Blue about the clearblue FM! haha

does anyone know if its normal  to have ewcm on  cycle day 13 but the clearblue fertility monitor my girlfriend sympathetically  lent  me still reads one bar only -ie "low fertility"... i was expecting  "high" reading today, maybe even a "peak"  as i first noticed a tiny bit of  ewcm beginning 4 days ago and now i can easily find ewcm. 

ps -good morning! 

pps- this is my very first time using the clearblue FM i usually use ic's (which also read very negative) so im not sure whats a common  occurance and whats not. i usually get a positive  opk about day 15 or so. 


over it.


Pregnant Hens Ideas in MELBOURNE

so my maid of Honour  and another friend are pregnant and id like to accommodate them on my hens. i am also not really into getting smashed that night so  any other ideas? better than just sitting at home with pizza and ordering mocktails and is my hens after all....

maybe somee ideas with a city skyline or pampering? 


have you or any of your friends had first hand experience re a hens night where drinking  wasnt the main event and everyone STILL had fun? 

any ideas are welcome

ATTENTION Jac.xo !!!!!

hi ! i just saw your post now and replied.     :) 

Heres what i wrote in case you missed  it...

"no problem. sorry i havent been online  in a bit. 


so, recovery  has been fine. i did get a fever and pain 9 days after surgery  and put back on antibiotics but otherwise uneventful. i still have 2 little scars that look more like  bruising on either side about where my ovaries are. thats where they went in. mentally im okay, iv been told yes my chances of conceiving  naturally are reduced due to only  having one tube  now and theres no way to  know or test the patency of that tube because they are so delicate. it did not show any signs of hydrosalpinx during my hsg and spilled fluid just fine but because the other tube had evidence of  an old salpinitis  infection  (inflammation) that its better to assume that the remaining tube is not functional. which personally i think is weird and we are going to try naturally still until the end of the year when i get married (jan 8th) and if it hasnt happened  by then we will investigate ivf. 


yes i absolutely  noticed a change after the surgery. only one but boy is it a big one.

cervical mucus. FERTILE cervical mucus. i have it where i didnt have it barely at all before. like up to 8 days of it. i noticed it the 2nd cycle after surgery.  nowadays  i get it around the middle of my cycles now and on average about 4 days of it and so much of it i love it. so happy. i think the hydrosalpinx  was definitely  affecting  the environment  up there and was the reason  why i always  struggled to find any or good quality stuff. 


thats about it! howd you "go? 

hope youre well.