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one week down, and one week to go also!

Any aussie girls on here?! xx Well, i quite enjoy using the Ovia app as its super clear to read, as well as using Fertility Friend, both are good.  both apps say i Od on the 15th march, and id have to agree with them. so im 8DPO and counting. Aunty Flo is due on the 28th. Im usually between a 28 and 30 day cycle so maybe i will see her  then or on the 29/30th,.... either way, no testing until she is really late! or ill do my head in! I suspect I will be one of the ladies who dont present with many, if any, preg symptoms at all during the tww, I feel suspiciously 'good' and non hormonal,...hmmm. so no point sympton spotting lol. How many ladies out there found out they were expecting and had no significant symptoms during conception or early on?? Would be interesting to hear your thoughts in hindsight!

babydust in the bucketfuls,

haang in there everyone!



Quick question Ladies!! what does the abbreiviation FRER mean? Cheers! 

Loved the roll call!!! Hello all you fellow TTC's!!!


Ive just joined up! So excited! Still coming to terms with all the baby lingo (and contradicting info!!) lol!

This will be my first ever attempt at gathering baby dust!

My partner and I have been TTC for 2 months now, ( currently on our third) Im 30 and hes 35. My gorgeous man has one eight y/o from a previous marriage so i KNOW hes not shooting blanks LOL. Well, anyway,  Id just like to say HELLO to you ALL and may the baby dust float your way! 

remember everyone, first and foremost - Statistics are just that - Statistics, and there is  and always has been - exceptions to the rules! That is why you all must  stress less and stay positive and DONT google at 2am till youre out of your mind! Positivity is Everything in this game! And frankly, you should be sleeping (yes yes.... noted;) and letting  the baby fairy work her magic!


Lotsa love to u al.