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morning ttc thoughts

2 years and 4 months....still trying for number 1, still crazy, haha.

the silent beast that is infertility... many couples find themselves fighting the good fight but you'd never know it. It should be spoken about more! this is my public show of support for any couple thats ever been through it/currently going through it, i may not know you but i feel ya!


haha. anyway hope ur all well.

Luv alex.



thats about the state of things! im on my bloody 5th straight  day of it! looks like getting rid of that hydro affected tube was  the right move. Never  had  this much or so many consecutive days of it. winning 

looks like my uterine lining or endometrium is recovering well from having been filled with toxic  fluid. thats my guess. never has his sperm had such a good quality welcome mat!


femara- a cancer drug? !

used in chemotherapy. i had no idea! anyone else?! scared me off doing an iuis in the future! did anyone else know this? 

salpingectomy complete

so i had my laparoscopy done yesterday evening for my hydrosalpinx-affected left fallopian tube. The tube was complete  removed and the surgeon had a look around everything else, the other tube, ovaries, uterus etc. ill get full results  in 4 weeks but i think its all okay and there were probably  no other fertility issues other than the hydrosalpinx. i hope.  In recovery I was surprised  to learn  the surgeon also did a "D and C" - dilation  and curretage,  and i thought to myself 'isnt that what girls have for abortions?" but apparently  they also can do it for lap surgery. Apparently  a good 'scrape down' of the sides of your uterus to make it all smooth and clean etc is good for implantation.  

I had to have a catheter because i needed to pee while in the 'ante' room prior to surgery so i wasnt allowed to go and pee and im terrified of catheters haha so i made the anaethetist  Promise me that it would go in and come out  while I was  unconscious! Give me needles and gore any day but i cannot deal with the thought of a catheter for some reason! and iv never even previously  had one!  I think my mum -who is a nurse- told me one too many horror stories about patients and catheters. 

So  the hospital sent me home on some lovely painkillers lol so im now im currently enjoying those plus some cheese and biccies on the couch, and being absolutely pampered by my awesome fiancé. He is so thoughful  he even bought me a pair of ugg boots while he was picking up my pain meds scripts from the chemist. to keep me warm.   The poor thing goes into hospital himself on monday to have his entire top row of teeth ripped  out and replaced! poor baby! So i will be looking returning the favour in a few days!  And boy will i return it!!! he is a gem!! 


hydrosalpinx laproscopic surgery in 48 hours !


that is all. 

but ps im excited too cause after i get this non functioning  tube taken out  my fertility should  go from 0 to awesome ! yay for babies!  


ttc for 2+ years. no kids or bfp so far......

salpingectomy booked!!

im happy.! im on the 4month waiting list! we (the doctor and family) are all convinced that this hydro is the reason why 2+ yrs of ttc hasnt  resulted in a bfp and iv never previously been pg OR had a "scare" like half my friends did when we were all younger.

   i might have to  wait the full 4 months till im called for the surgery maybe, but i put myself down for the "can be called up last minute" option too so i may even get a random call for surgery  24 hours later. exciting. im looking forward to this. Onwards with TTC!

conception miscarriage pregnancy and hydrosalpinx. whats your experience?

I just wanted to know if any of you had a successful pregnancy with hydrosalpinx.

I have hydrosalpinx in my left tube. I've heard chances of miscarriages/successful  conceptions and pregnancies all depend on whether the hydro is leaking or not ... what do you know about all this?   (apparently the fluid is quite toxic and can and does change the  integrity of your uterus, hindering an absolute plethora of stuff. .  from embryo  development and  very much the attachment  of an embryo to  the uterus to warping the embryo cells due to baking in toxic substance and result in malformations of the embryo... and hydros double your chances of misscarriage right throughout the  pregnancy. ..
 anyway not to freak you all out id just like to know if  anyway has any real life experience with conception pregnancy  and hydrosalpinx.

happy trying to conceive vibes

just wanna say good morning  to everyone here, old and new! !  hope youve all got ur plans for this cycle  sorted and most of all,... keep a happy attitude! it helps!  give yourvhubby or wife a kiss and a smile today, regardless of how exhausted, upset or stressd you may be, and take just a tiny moment to be thankful. even though its hard!    

wishing you all well in ttc!  a friend of mine is trying for number two this month...IM SO EXCITED FOR HER!!   shes on essential baby but Miss T...!!! i hope it is as easy and quick this time around for you!! (we both started trying to concieve our first babies together in 2013!) and sure enough, month two was your lucky one! i cat wait for your little DS to have a sibling! Good luck!


my period is due next monday or so...

i hope i dont get it! 



oh the timing!

haha. well. let me start off by saying that  after 2 years of being on this site, fertility appointments, clomid, and trying to concieve i would  definitely not knock back a bfp... saying that.... I JUST found my beautiful wedding dress  the other day.... and apparently if  this cycle was a sucess i would be due  january the, 3 days before my 


it just so happens that we nailed getting nailed this month. by complete accident, .. haha, ...hmmmmmm,... could lead to an interesting wedding and some seriious skills by their alterations lady!

fingers crossed regardless!! haha!

what do you think of my dress guys! deposit PAID!!


ps i highly recommend bluebell bridal in collins street melbourne, so many gorgeous dresses and the servive!!! Spectactular!



tjust hit the two year  mark... gotta be my turn  soon right??