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hey all you LTTTC'ers, ! who needs a laugh?

Looking back on my TTC journey so far is bitter-sweet.

Just clicked back on my very first post here. It soberingly says... "Post updated "1 year 11 months ago"... and in this highly excitable, (disgustingly optimistic) post lol, i explain ive been ttc two cycles so 2 years and 2 months weve been trying and i can clearly recall my emotions. So naive thinking it would probably  happen within 9 months, definitely  twelve right? HA!   Aaagh..i think i even bought some booties back then. No idea where they got to.  I remember being so excited when my bf (now fiance) surprised  me that day by proudly came home with a bunch of stunning red roses, box of  chocolates,  a pack of opks and a lottery quickpick ticket attached to  a beautiful beautiful letter about how happy he was that we had officially decided tostart making babies! ☆☆☆god i love him♡♡♡ it was so exciting and new and fun. Sex without condoms and not feeling irresponsible or reckless but sex with a point!! THE point!...aaagg. so full of dreams. Still full of dreams. empty womb Still so full of dreams. Siiiiiigh. sometimes this is really hard.

Infertility Monday Sucks!! actually mondays,  you just suck in general.!

Screw you blocked tube!!!     And bugger off Crazyclomidbitch!  

Cd 15. Ppffft.  at least my opk is fucking positive. 




Nice end to a ttc story

Made me smile and gave me hope. ...


Good article and a reminder to keep things in perspective

wth is going on


Been reading some threads an am starting to wonder if my cheap internet tests (10 miu) are actully not that good afterall. I'm 16DPO and 3 days late for AF. anyone experience  getting bfn on their IC's  but positive on say shop bought  tests??? 

 iv never  never never been this  late in  2 years running. is it the Clomid???????


totally losing my mind here  girls! !! any responses  so appreciated   trust me! 

past my usual luteal phase!....

i wonder! could it be? 



CrazyConfused - my reply to your blog

sorry im trying to reply under your question but it wont happen at the moment probably something to do with all the spam or maybe the admins.? anyway - ill try here maybe youll see it. 

first question: is nexaplanon the same thing as implanon? birth control under the skin of your arm that releases hormonal birth control?  i had an implanon for 3 years, worked fine. beautifully. then after getting it changed for the next three years my body decided it didnt like it anymore and i went through three months of annoying hell where i would either bleed constantly  or intermittently for weeks and weeks. the doctor said to me that sometimes these types of birth control, although firstly very good and effective can sometimes just freak out on you causing all sorts of symptoms and changes that previously didnt occur. it was so bad i had to get it taken out and go back to remembering to  take a  pill every day. Anywy. sorry i cant be of more help but thats my experience and my opinion is go to another doctor to get a preg test done (just while yours is away) and ask their advice. what dpo are you/cycle day? 

Love alex

positive opks!!!

oh how iv been waiting for you!!!! first round clomid, cycle day 14. Game on. 

so far have dtd twice this morning when those opks were stark negs and once yesterday. havent had such sttrong opks in cycles!!!!

Roll Call!!

hi ladies! everyones lying low this cycle i feel!whats everyones news? or plan and/or how are your efforts going

OHgirl? are you having another iui soon?♡was yours monitored? how do they go about that?  i might be there in a few cycles..:-)

Faer1ewanabe how are you going? basically how is everybody.!?. ♡♡♡

Love Alexandra

Day four of clomid/first round/feeling good! 

(my fiance thinks he should set up a 'clomid support group' on here for all the blokes on here with partners on clomid.... hahahaaa.. because we so crazy bi*ch on it. apparently. god love him. (its okay baby one more pill to go then ur off the hook...)!

love alex. 


So i had my first clomid pill today cd5. My fiance is lying low...haha! the coffee guy took too long with our order or either wasnt doing it so we literally just missed our ferry to the museum and i am fuming. So then we had to run to the bus and had to leave our still unmade coffees (where they EVER coming?!) WHICH WE HAD PAID FOR. Needless to say i was ropeable and SO had to restrain me from killing that coffee guy. I am actually a really nice girl....

Lol. So. As i said. Clomid. 

Side effects much?

Please tell me yours......haha. gosh this is only day 1.

SO is hiding somewhere down the bus atm...almost at the museum now ladies so cheerio!! Time to find some caffeine for my already hopped up hormones