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merry Christmas everyone

my christmas eve....


two families. one dinner. christmas presents under the tree...and a proposal! i am officially engaged!! 

 happy Christmas everyone!!!!

hsg wasnt so bad after all!

yeah!  like, it was uncomfortable and  there were parts i definitley had to 'breathe through it" but was a 5 out of ten.  right tubes spilled beautifully, left  is swollen up the infundibulum end  ( nearest the ovary end) and only a little bit of dye seeped through,  but all in all he said in a nut shell theres nothing here  showing me that you absolutely can and should get pregnant,.  so ill wait till my doctor gets back from holiday in 2 weeks and we will discuss that swollen tube and what to do about it. basically all round positive news i feel. 

hope youre all well ladies have a nice weekend , especially to all you ladies from melbourne!!


love alex.

uuurghh, monday. we meet again

Ladies!  xx  so How was everybodies weekend? what did you all get up to besides gettin' down? LOL. we beached it up down at our seaside escape with some friends. light the fire had waaaaaay too much wine. feeling it today. 


fertility memes are great

haha. yerrr. 

cd 1 hsg booked for next week...eeeek!!

HSG stories, good and bad. Everybody.

Should i take pain meds before the appointment.? 

what was yours like? do you think it increased your fertility?


 love alex

next level .... excited!

so iv just got back from the specialist..our very first fertility appointment....and iv been given a repeat prescription  for clomid. she was a really nice doctor. we felt very looked after. im officially  on the Very actively trying bandwagon! and im excited about it not down. semen analysis came back astounding, so all good there. and as soon as i have cd 1 im booking the hsg that she referred us. currently still on cycle day 27 so technically not out this cycle yet but im pretty damn sure shes on her merry way.  the doctor did a pap smear too so im glad thats over with. how is everybody? 

fingers crossed. 

tapping out!





9 twice



12 twice

14 twice




sore, is a freakn' understatement.. .


☆cmonnnnnn dream baby, have mercy on us plz dont render such  courageous bd'ing efforts 2be in vain... ?!.. sweet jesus we can hardly walk.....



cycle update

well. this cycle we dtd cd 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 14... missed a couple of crucial days bugger it due to  his nightshift but ah due december 9th...

we get our semen analysis back tomorrow! 

hows everybody going? 


love alex

what. the.

hows this possible. Evaps? 


Neg neg neg neg NEG...uugh.