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tww phase

officially in the two week wait.!well, thats what i  reckon.

I probably O'd today... have dtd last night/early morning at 1am (*cd 14) and also dtd cd 10 and 11. Got my  first positive opk on cd 12,  and even more positive one on cd 13.......what do you think of  our bd timing girls? a bit out but still a fair chance?  we will try to dtd tonight and for the next day just to cover bases... next period due approx 10th november. 


good luck everyone

 love alex


Not only did she come but she came 4 days early. Currently on cd 5. oh well.  Onwards!

Love alex.

Omgomgomgomg! TMI cm pic alert lol not getting excited im not gettingexcitedimnotgettingexcited..(YErrH RIGHT who am i kidding i so Am !) For those who care..I just checked my cm and i got a tiny spot of blood, like the size of a pinhead and ewcm sortof mixed in...and im only cd 25 and i so think that could very well be implantation spot! i wouldnt be surprised! We accidentally nailed the timing this cycle! Could it be??!! Im not even due till like sunday really, even monday! So i think the maths works.....LOL. 

Super wasnt expecting any period like symptoms for daays yet!  Rogers you said you had a good feeling about me this month rememberrrrrr!? ... ridiculously xcited and hopeful over here!  

...only on the two week wait can us  mental ttc gals post crazy totally inappropriate pics of our insides  and it be totally fine ey!!! Bahaha!  

Weekend away

Had a surprise weekend away, well actually 4 days total, bd like crazy all four days, came home and realized that was cd 14 to 17! Win! 

Fingers crossed

I officially dont care

About this cycle! Lol. And i mean this NOT in a negative nancy way,  i just feel free this cycle,  ya know? Im not stressing about bd timing. Just going to dinner tonight with the guy iv fallen  head  over  heels for,  (we've just finished paying off my gorrrrgeous  ceylon saphire engagement ring  (who knowwws when he'll be picking it up/ proposing!)  And yeeeah just plan on going to the beach house this weekend drinking beer having some decididly non baby making sex and watch the grand final! Go west coast! (Hate the hawks as im a cats fan myself lol!) Have a good long weekend everybody in victoria! 

Love alex

Confused and suspicious...

just a little bit weird over here. tmi warning lol:)

im on cd 30, which is max length i get to and .iv been expecting af any moment, no worries... havent really felt very "pms-ie"  or hormonal though... So anyway yesterday i had the slightest brown pinky watery spotting briefly, (technically i went looking for it, it wasnt  actually making it through  to knickers yet) there was hardly any and it actually stopped not increased into a proper af flow neither in colour or amount like i was expecting. In fact it has decreased and stopped completely before iv noticed another small repeat occurance this morning,. ..the pattern is so unlike af and is basically so intermittent,.... if its her she clearly cant decide whether to stay or go...its really weird, i dont even need any tampons or anything as yet...  weird enough for me to be suss and probably take a pg test after af or whatever this is... has anyone  experienced a very strange af   immediately before a bfp ?


 -what i really wanna know girls is this: Is the timing of this spotting at all in line with possible implantation bleeding or is it too late in the cycle for that?  I had a positive opk on cd15 (14 days ago)...


could have potentially  ovulated/conceived anywhere between cd 15 and 19 im guessing) (did the deed cycle days 13 and 16)

logic is screaming at me that this is af - albeit a super randomly weird, light, intermittent one......thats having trouble starting.... (??)....i just want it to START PROPERLY so i can put in cd 1 in fertility friend and be done with the wondering. Lol.  what on earth is going on! Fun times! What do u all think? 



the title says it all! just wanted to  wish everyone good luck this month and try to stay positive! good thoughts lead to good things, ....bad thoughts to bad.....!


fingers crossed for you all ladies!

love alex

A new level of ttc insanity.

Dreams. Goldfish dreams. Had one last night that was so positive in its feeling. Googled it just now while still in bed and lo and behold its not the pregnancy dreams that predict pregnancy its actually more so dreams of fish! Lol! So im either pregnant or its indicative of "a wealthy union with a pleasing man' !  Haha ill take either! Maybe dh is about to win that 15 million powerball thats on tomorrow night! I did buy him a ticket on monday as a treat!? 


Tell me your / your friends dreams where they correctly predicted being preg! 


4dpo and crampy. 

Love alex. 

Love alex. 


Over it.

firstly.. im apologizing for my first officially negative post in the entire  history of me being a part of this bloody blog, which is nearly a year and a half. Ttc for just too long. 

Iv had a really bad day. We've had a really bad day.  I cried. I got angry. We fought. (My fault)  All about ttc. Today is Ovulation Day. I feel like we missed it. Again. Its our 2 year anniversary on the 18th of September. ..and so i wanted to really, really try thistime!!! because AF is due that day too and i just clung to this ridiculous slip of hope that maybe,  just maybe we might get lucky this time (havent i done My time yet?!) and i could surprise him on our anniversary with a urine covered stick of all our dreams come true..!! But, frustratingly, once again, that bloody nooky-destroying pressure coupled with my continual crazy-eyes and obvious desperation pouring from every pore has ruined the last few days, resulting in one measley tear induced bd session this morning. Far removed from my plans/goal of bd every day from last thursday. Im so upset with the whole thing and iv scrapped the whole ttc thing at this point. Im upset and iv banned it. Lol. But no, its Not really that funny. I have tried so hard to keep my and others spirits up on this website for the past nearly two years but today, today i just cant get to that place. That positive place. my place of optimism and hope. Sigh. Im so tired of this. Dh held me while i sobbed and ranted and stuffed my 500 opks id just bought in the bin,  and said all the right things, and god i love him and im sorry i always put this pressure on him month after month - he wants this so badly too!- and he gently reminded me to take a breath and dont give up just yet as  we have our first fertility appointment booked mid December  and to just hold on a little bit longer and we will see what they say...but today, today, 

today i hate the world and im just not me :(

Thanks for listening. Im off to read the bfps as they never  fail to cheer me up. I love seeing you all get pg, i just could do this if not for that bfp section! 

Love alexandra. 

Im finally going to temp! LOL

not looking forward to it. but i think after being on this lovely forum for a year and a half i should really give it a go.....again. now just need to find the damn thing... we had a bit of an oops the last time i ever tried temping....haha.    i decided to vaginally temp as i thought it would be more accurate blah blah blah, told dh what i was up to and all, was all going well for about a week....but then DH got sick and without thinking popped it straight in his mouth!! right after id used it LOL! aaaaaah i laughed..... he didnt. end of temping. 

well. ill give it another shot and label it this time.