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Hi all

Afternoon guys!  Cd3 for me and feeling calm about this cycle. Have 500 opks comi g in the mail any day now...wooo hooo. DH was like.....'honey are you ******* kidding me" LOL. yup. Not going to miss o this month!!

Anyway how was everyones' weekend? What did you all get up to?  Starynight731 how was your obessive weekend babe!!! Lol! Tell me all your symptoms! I  had too much champagne and it was awesome. :-) 

 Its been Niice weather in melbourne at the moment!  

15minutes till i can leave work for the day woohoo..

bunch of questions and answers im reading on lunchbreak lol

hi everyone! thank GOD its friday!! in OZ anyway.....


Whats everyone got planned for the weekend? i think i just saw the red bitch.. a  tiny speck of her anyway.....great. yay.  cd one here i come....any minute i bet. lol. 

cd 28, cycle 17ish give or take...ttc since feb 2014

come on baby!! this cycle aint over in my book yet...!

love alexandra

Factor V Leiden

Mum just told me that her brother and all his kids/grandkids have this blood clottimg disorder and she is getting tested for it and so am i later this afternoon!  Dont know if They are heterozygous  or homozygous  for it. Who knows about this/has this and had it stopped you from getting pregnant or caused RPL (Recurrent pregnancy loss )



Love alexandra. 

Girls! Read on regarding polyspermy....

I have meant to google this interesting occurance for a while but kept forgetting. please keep in mind it is not a 'condition' or 'disease' but simply a normal 'blip' of nature, if you will,  that probably happens a lot and we dont know until our bodies decide to correct the sub-healthy situation by spontaneously A-ing...much to our sadness. I wanted to reassure you that sometimes there is a very good reason why things dont stick sometimes, or even make it to the sticking  stage, and we keep wondering month after month, period after period - Why! I trust my body is making the right decisions  and putting those eggs, sperms, zygotes through their paces and tests and if my body at any stage finds them to be unsatisfactory for any reason, it will reject the conceptio or pregnancy and try again for a normal healthy binding of genes. And im okay with that. It must happen all tbe time, my guess would be 7 out of ten sucessful sperm meets egg situations probably go on to be rejected and thats totally normal (however frustrating for us) and this polyspermy thing is just another 'normal' unfortunate occurance that can often happen during conception attempts that we have to chin up and put up with. Anyway, read on if youre interested in this stuff like i am!

It WILL happen for us!  Get the facts! Stay positive (but realistic!)

Love alex


I needed this laugh today and im so passing it on!

DH couldnt perform last night. No biggie, it happens. Today, out for lunch with DH. Ordered a salad. Was asked by the staff what dressing id like. Looked at the options, .... promptly told DH if he aint coming up with the magic sauce i need i may as well give this a try! He wasnt impressed while I continued to die laughing. Salad was awesome. 

Anyone have a long luteal phase?

Good morning all! Quick question..i seem to average a 29 day cycle. (Longest 30 days shortest 27 days)   Going by my history and data I usually ovulate around cd 14 (which is normal for me) but sometimes earlier like cd 12..

I Possibly could have a 17-19 day luteal phase. Lets assume i do for the sale of the question. I dont temp yet so just going by opks usually and cm.  I want to know. ..has anyone else encountered a long luteal phase in themselves and how has it affected your TTC journey??......does it affect ones ability to concieve does anybody know? 


Love alex. 

Good bd effort so far ...

Hi ladies! How are all your bd efforts going this cycle?? and whats your 'action plan' so to speak..trying anything new this month?  smep? Every other day? Every day? Opks? No opks? Im interested in all the funny bd stories. It is such a stress to try and nail O with serious bd action and sometimes we run out of puff just before or during o week which can frustrate us both lol. So far so good this cycle. DH has chosen this months plan for us.. (we altermate ideas each cycle -so i go by his rules one month, whatever they are-no complaints, and then next cycle my turn and so on.) 

So,... He wants to try "every day" this cycle..until period arives...we havent actually tried this tack before. The aim is to not assume i know when o will happen, thus picking the wrong week to bd...who knows..which may have been happening...and no opks this month, just bd every day at least once, and then we dont have to worry if we ever missed it cause we will know that we would have done bd every day anyway...thats his theory anyway. So yeah, that's how we're rolling this month☺! Its nice not having to stress overopks actually! 

So far we have bd cds 6- 8- 9-11 and 3 x today! (Cd12) so we just have to keep it up from tomorrow onwards, which he says is totally.. do-able lol.. excuse the pun.

 its amazing how much more sex we r naturally finding ourselves having when we arent worried about it all! How are you all tackling this months bd? What are your issues you face with it sometimes? 


Love alex.

Car shopping yay

Congrats to all the recent bfp'ers! 

Iv been running around the last three days not thinking about anything cycle or tww related... and its been friggin GREAT! LOL! 

Omg i pick it up tomorrow  and im so beyond excited! Aaaaaaaa! =) =) =) its so purrrty. Enough room for a stroller. And totally stylish.

Anywhoooooooo. Well.  Back to the grindstone ;)

Cd 6/attempt 16 or 17. (losing count lol.)

Good luck this cycle everybody!

Love alex. 



Looks like it was a chemical this month. Bit sad. and he was so excited with the positive the other day...breaks my heart to see him down as he isnt one to usually show extremes of emotion,..he was treating me like a piece of glass lol and just sooo sweet after what we thought was a positive. Took me to dinner + movies last night out of the blue to see a movie that he had seen before (and not liked) but i hadnt seen it yet and, well that was just sweet in my books.   Oh well onto the next cycle. Busting out the wine, tissues and tim tams again! And a smile! Because i am staying positive!!

He has baby fever to the max now and is determined to nail it this month he says! Lol. Love him to bits and beyond. 

Good luck everybody! ! 

Love alex. 

'Unscientific and utterly addictive'!

Funny article. Language warning! We get a mention! Lol.

(For those of you wondering, im not testing again this cycle) im too scared of getting a negative after what im pretty sure was a positive!!) Have shown two girlfriends and they said positive)  so im Going to wait it out) id rather see the witch than get a neg after that pseudo pos) Period technically due tomorrow. 

Love alex.