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Another evap? Can you see it. ..

In real life, it is blue,  not grey.. its easier to see the bottom half of the cross than the top. Not sure if the pictures was compressed too much for you all to see what im seeing=)

My question is, do clear blues generally leave a faint blue line after use or..nah? ? I havent used this brand before (and the chemist had no frers would you believe!) I wonder if this is an evap and if so whats the chances of two evaps today on different brands? hmmmm so confusing. dh is excited but im cynical still...too scared to hope! Lol. witch due sat or sunday....will update you all again tomorrows test...fingers crossed!

Hopefully better pic

Maybe this pic is better..

Bfp?? Or evap?? Or dud test

Hi guys alex here. Im supposedly approx 11 dpo and the last 2 days i had neg tests...including this morning so i thought....but when i just looked at it then there is a line but the ink has bled everywhere so i dont trust it and i have never had anything other than stark white results for over a year now so i dont know what an evap looks this a dud or an evap guys???!!!  Trying not to get too excited cause i actually think this test is a dud because of the bleeding ink. 

Love alex. 


tim tams, wine and cd1

that is all. 





i never could relate to that 'boob pain' or soreness ladies speak of..because frankly, iv just never really had anything of the sort! Until tonight! have to strap them in to get any relief! 

hope this is a good sign.=)

cd28/dpo12 approx and  still no sign of af. yay! 

love alex

excited and hopefull

stoked about my chances this month. Had way more bd than usual. Yay.. . BDcd poor little taco what a trooper=)

positive opk ob cd 15 for a day only, maybe Od cd 16 i guess.

Currently cd22 dpo 6approx. No symptoms As yet. 

fingers crossed!


just dropped my 9dpo preg test in my coffee... baaaaahahahaah.  okay oKAY UNIVERSE I WONT TEST SO EARKY you bitch  hahaha.  aaaaaah,.. looks like i wont be squinting at that one . 

aaah welll

The zen cycle! Well, in the end af came, ... lol. but im not fussed, it was a very relaxed cycle not knowing what cd im on or when im Oing. I had a 28day cycle which is pretty standard for me. So. plan for this cycle? The same. no tracking anything, and just getting down when i feel like it! Not too fussed about this cycle as i dont really want an LO having their birthday so near xmas anyway. We are moving house on April 15, so NEXT month will prob be the same non game plan. And im supposed to ovulate the week we move,  so who knows if o will be delayed in april or not? Anyway im going to play the next two cycles a bit zen again and maybe go back to the opks  in may! It cant hurt me to relax and not track! In fact we will probably have more nookie because of that. lol. 

anyway, i shall still be cruising round here a lot because i love reading your bfps etc, so good luck everybody and STAY POSITIVE!! 

Love Alex


sperm meets egg LIVE

Crazy awesome!!!!  this is so cool to a tually see the real thing!


love alex 



implantation info i thought sounded smart


i still have no idea what cycle day im on! loving it! so relaxed. if i had to guess.. somewhere around cd19?? have bd a bit this cycle and marked the days i did it on the kitchen calendar but no way of knowing what cd they were. I did happen to notice some ewcm one day and did the deed then but who knows! i could easily have been a week away from O or just a day! loving the mystery. Should probably keeps some girly stuff in my purse from now on as im bound to be accosted by  the sneaky scarlet harlot when i least expect it!  BFP? yea right. Unlikely!! lol! 

either way i cant believe iv stuck to my plan this month of deliberately losing cycle day track. Ill try anything to manipulate a bfp! even this! everyone says relax and it will happen... and as much as that annoys us i thought i may as well  honest to god try the tactic and cross it of the ttc list. :-) Wouldnt it be  an absolute spin out if it actually worked! lol.

anyway, bbdust to you all from Oz! 

love alex