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i sporadically regurgitate info on here for the benefit of the newcomers, that i happened to enjoy reading or thought useful. Heres implantation info girls:-)


Love alex

some 'light' reading while you endure the tww

Lol. totally not 'light' but some of you ladies may find the mind boggling intricacies  of conception and fertilization very interesting. (after all...we have fourteen days to kill!!)

enjoy. fingers crossed for us all. 

Love alex.


who else is in!!!!! Join the alex challenge!!!! hahaha

I haVe no ideA what CD i aM aND i loVe It!!!!!!!!! lets see how long i last wihout checking  FF!! 

i suspect im somewhere like cd8 or 9, no idea. Not doing ANYTHING THIS MONTH! No cd checking or cm or cp checking no timed bedding definately no opks but yes to sex, whenever the mood takes me. Sorta a cycle off, a personal challenge to myself to see if i can 'lose track' !!! lol. 

so far so well!! who knows! maybe it will end up being my luckiest month!!

babydust everyone. !!

Love alex!

Warning. you WILL cry!!

A tear jerker of a proposal story. get the tissues ladies!!!!

Isnt there an ombudsman for this kinda thing? ;-)

Hmmm....for the life of me i dont know why my preg tests aren't more clearly labeled:-/  should've read: "Warning: Use of our product may induce YOUR FRIGGIN PERIOD by tomorow morning. 

CD1 rant over. 

helloooooooo wine 

i love science

Interesting scientific peer reviewed article discussing implantation factors (early or late) and the possible connection to when your body actually decides it will give birth. decisions your body makes at implantation to specifically influence when you pop!!? Amazing.

CD26 *cue suspenceful music..*

CD 26 ..Which way will it go!!

who am i kidding. ill probably get my period. LOL.  cd 26 of what ranges between 27 and 30 days, mainly 28 or 29 for the last 8 cycles or so. Havent tested yet! But only because i have none and am unable to get my crazed claws on any in the next 3 days anyway so ill just wait for the witch!! 

I feel great, physically, which is bizzare. My usual nipple/breast pain and dogged tiredness after O and until witch'o'clock has been strangely absent this cycle. Not complaining though! but i doubt my massively high energy and great mood is a preg .. as far as my mum has told me,  back in the day the symptoms that gave it away for Her were a VERY VERY BAD MOOD and Low energy, LoL. of which i have neither.  

Every month All i can think is, statistically, im THAT much CLOSER to a bfp!! they say on average 10months and BOOM! (if no issues) 

one of these months!!! i just know it!! 

sending happy vibes to All the Gals in the TTC Trenches today! Dont Let The Doubt Creep In!!!!STAY POSITIVE!!  Lets nail that damn egg! 

no Retreat!



Love Alex.

myth or legit phenomenon!

Evening Ladies. Just curious to hear of how rare/common an occurrence something Iv been googling is.

Have any of you ladies or your friends ever had any instances of regular monthly bleeding (i probably mean 'decidual' bleeding rather than implantation bleeds) that convincingly mimicked your period - only to find out  later you were actually pregnant with a healthy baby and consequently shocked by a bfp! 

And if so, at which point did you get your BFP (any false negatives AFTER period was due) and how did you  eventually find out that you were indeed pregnant?

I find this phenomenom SO interesting and want to know if anyone i 'know' here has actually experienced this at all!! 

Thanks so much for sharing your story! 

Love alex. 

Pre conception dreams

Tell me yours Ladies!!!!! 

Heres mine from last nyt! 

so i had this crazy 'nesting' dream last nyt- i was at my beach house in phillip island  on the decking where there was a birds nest with 2 eggs sitting in it and a mumma close by, and i went up to the nest to check the was warm and one was cold, I was worried that  wasn't a good place for it so i hurried off to find something better to put the eggs in, somehow i knew if one hatched while i was there.... the baby bird would consider Me its mum (LoL) When i got back a moment later the warm egg had already hatched  so i grabbed the cold egg and cupped it in my hands to warm it up (incubate it!) and it hatched and totally followed me round everywhere. i was so happy. All the other babies stayed with their mum except this one i had taken and incubated lol  

talk about crazy nesting baby dreams!  

For all new Ladies and Anyone else struggling with Miss Cervix!

Id just like to say a big hello to all the new ladies who have joined recently, (and even those of you quietly reading away for months!) Hello and Welcome from all of us here!

Iv been ttc since january 2013 and a member here for about 10 months and let me tell you, the sneaky Cervix is STILL somewhat of an upredictable mistress! I found this article helpful and not just the usual wish wash we've all heard before about SHOW (soft,high,open,wet) but a few other incendentals regarding length and position too, that now that i know i will be adding to my repertoire when fishing around aimlessly up there.

Once again, welcome, and i hope this link helps someone just a little.

love alex.