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Ordered new Clomid prescriptions, spoke to the clinic and we’re all set for a March round so fingers crossed.


Apart from a relationship ending I’ve not felt heart ache like thi, it hit my late last night. I’ve had a huge cry and now I’ve got to get up and put a smile on my face and go out into the world and have my wedding hair trial. This is hard, does it get easier?


sadly my AF came properly this morning which is test morning, I still tested as you can still bleed but it’s a BFN this time around. Hopefully next time. :-(


I test tomorrow and I’ve had some spotting this morning and I know my AF isn’t until Sunday but this is how it usually starts. I hope it’s just random spotting and not AF. 

Day 12

Last night I worked late which added to my fatigu. I got home, sat on the sofa with the tv and dinner, then I got this huge pain like I’d been stabbed I shouted loud and about fell off of the sofa. All day today I’ve ached in my lower abdomen and cramped with awful back ache. I do not know what it is, it could be nothing it could be implantation who knows but I have everything crossed and if it isn’t then it’s ok, we can try again. The hospital told me to test on Friday of this week (obviously day 14) I’m so nervous yet excited at the same time.

baby dust and prayers for all who read :-) xx

Day 10

hardest get up ever! Backache headache 6hrs sleep now I’ve got a 10 and a half hour day shift at work (I work in a day Nurser!) when I get up I just look at the ovulation test sat on the shelf above my mirror and hope and pray its all I can do.


im wonderig is it normal to have weird dreams in this tww! I really want to sleep but I just keep dreaming and being restles, I’m trying de stressing activities before bed to take my mind off of things but it doesn’t appear to be working.


Not sure what this is but got terrible lower back pain, like a constant ache. It eases if I’m sitting but when I’m up and about it’s a constant. I wouldn’t know if this a usual part of my cycle as I’m usually on a cocktail of pain meds for my disability so who knows.

off out for a cream tea to celebrate our anniversary and to keep my mind off of things.


so I’m halfway through my two week wait. I’m being caustiously optimistic I can’t get my hopes up too much. We bought pregnancy tests today in preparation. 

Any support and advice great received.