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10dpiui/ 11dpt

I'm 10dpiui & have no real symptoms. The only thing I have experienced was heartburn one day (which I NEVER get) & slight twinges a couple days after ovulation. No swollen or sore boobs, no nausea. Not sure if this is a good sign or not? I just see so many women who have all these symptoms and I can't help but feel down! Every other month I have sore boobs right after O, or the week before AF so this is differenr for me. 

I get my blood test on Thursday but pretty sure I'll be testing before that lol. 

First IUI

Hey guys!

I have mild pcos (annovulation) & was put on Clomid 100mg for two cycles. Needless to say, that didn't work. We decided to try a medicated cycle with IUI for cycle #3. I was put on clomid 150mg days 3-7 and had a mature 21mm follicle! I triggered on 1/25 and had my IUI 24 hours later on 1/26. My ovulation was then confirmed with an U/S and progesterone check a few days after.

Have any of you gotten pg after your first IUI? I am trying not to google so much but I can't help it! I have found mixed reviews from women who say the second or third IUI worked. I haven't had any symptoms yet, as it's too early (5dpiui).

This TWW is killing me!!