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My name is Massy and this is my first time trying to conceive/plan a baby. I have 3 kids ages 16, 11 and 7 all turning another year this year. I got married young anf had my first daughtr at 15 years old. Since then I been afraid of admitting that one of my life dreams was to plan a pregnancy once I was a professional and with a partner that was equally excited and prepared. I was in a previous relationship 4 years ago for almost 14 years. I conceived all my children with this partner. It was not bad but I was sucked into that life because I got with him at 13 years old and him being 10 years my senior. Then thus I had a baby and then from there it all was all big numb dream.

Nedless to say 3 years ago I meet a wonderful man, me and him are about the same age I am 31 almost 32 and he is 30 almost 31. We both been preety much in love but afraid to admitt it to eah other and actually settling in. But since late last year, we have grown founder of accepting and forgiving our mistake and actually starting over. We came to a conclusion that we wanted to try to have something together and for him to be a step dad to my kids and how we can intragate both of us into one. We recently had though we where expecting because I had a late period in January. Supposed to come 1/11 but came in 1/29 ( different period more brownish and then a heavy period and ended in 4 days instead of 5). Well short story, I have decided to plan the baby, with basal thermo and all... Any advice!