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Anyone else 4DPO?

Cycle 2 TTC. Cycle 1 was CP. This wait is awful! my OPK was smiley with CB and positive with clinicalguard  on Sun. We Bd Sun -Tues. hopefully didn’t O Sat! 

Thinking 4dpo

This is my second cycle TTC, first cycle had a CP. So this Sat 3/17 I took my cheapie OPK at 9am, it was almost positive but not quite. Brushed it off, due to kinda getting fed up with obsessing over it , went on about my day. Sunday (6am) too a cheapie OPK and it was blazing positive so took my Clearblue Digital and got a smiley. So sometime between 9am Sat and 6am Sunday it turned positive, we BD Sun am-Tue. Think it was too late? Crossing fingers!!