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No sign of AF but BFN!

Hi! So AF was due 3/20 and still getting BFN.. I tested since last week and everyday after that. I don't have bad cramps how I normally do before AF comes on. I am getting light to mild cramps on and off. Really sore boobs, tender to touch. Could it be AF or could I be pregnant? I am waiting to see if it comes on by Monday.. Fingers crossed that I get a BFP! :)

TTW No PMS symptoms


This is my first time blogging about my actual personal life... I was never the type to put my business out there but I am curious about who else is in the same boat as I am... I am so close on giving up but there is still hope left in me and maybe from reading other people's stories will help me regain my spirits. I miscarried last April.. I was three months pregant when I miscarried. It took me a year to concieve. My boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive for the past six months with no success. This month I was certain that we BD on my ovulation day (I never really charted because my cycle is never the same) My period is due on 3/20, I have little to no symptoms. Normally I would have really bad cramps, headaches, and really sore boobs but I have none of those. I took a pregnancy test last night with a blue dye test (I know blue dye tests sucks but I grabbed whatever I could grab first) and it had a verrrrry faint line but I am not sure if it is an evaporation line. I will test again this weekend.. Hopefully I get a BFP on my birthday this Sunday :)