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Colostrum at 8DPO

hello ladies!

New member here,  needed to reach out and see if anyone has experienced this before getting their BFP....

At 7dpo, my and SO were doing the deed and he mentioned how he got some liquid of playing with my breasts. (TMI sorry)... I just brushed it off.... 

At 8dpo, I noticed it. It was just a drop but it was there. From both of them not just one. 

**this would be baby #2, I did breastfeed my first but for o my 4 month, before they went completely dry. That was, 5 months ago. I have read  of infections that make u leak, but boobs just feel heavy and tender, no pain or warmth. ** 

9dpo, I was very gassy and burping, peeing alot, alot more CM than normal. 

10dpo, colostrum again, a few more drops than o monday, insomnia last night.. 


All this and negatives... maybe my body doesn't produce as much Hcg as others, since with my daughter I got a positive until I was a day late. 

I have also been recording my BBT, and my average temp is of has stayed at 98.17 the lowest, highest 98.70, since ovulation... 

Anyways, has anyone else experienced this and gotten good news???


Any info or comment helps :) 


UPDATE::11DPO *guess my boobs knew before my body could show me. Got my BFP today!