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New Here! 1st TTC Cycle April IUI

As I type these words I can’t believe I’m finally posting here. I’ve been following these boards for about a year now and I’m officially in my 1st ever 2WW!


Background: Same-sex union Me-35 Wife-36 1st Cycle TTC  Blood work great: HSG no blockages tubes open: Sonohystogram (saline infused) Clear- No Polyps(Frozen Donor Sperm)

On CD 22 of a 35day cycle U/S showed a matured 21mm follie on my left ovary/Lining 11.7

O’d that evening (Clear Blue Smiley)and RE ordered us to trigger (HCG-ovidrel) for our 1st timed IUI

CD 24 IUI day -12 million sperm post thaw

IUI- not painful at all 



Creamy CM


Sliight twinges in left ovary 

throat drip runny nose 

frequent urination 

Ate pineapple  core


2DPIUI April13


fatigue in the am

1 sharp back pain 

uterine twinges/cramps

Nipple pinches

headache off and on

Ate pineapple core 


3DPIUI April14


runny nose- not normal for me

fatigue-took a mid day 2 hour nap ;Odd

uterine cramping

Ate pineapple core


Im now technically 4DPIUI & my body literally has been experiencing things I’ve never felt before. 


First Beta scheduled for 4/25 I hope it works the first time ✨